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The recommended R-value to obtain a moderate comfort standard for a ceiling is______
a) R-19
b) R-11
c) R-38
d) R-26

Of the following ______ is the best insulator
a) building paper
b) 2in thick fiberglass batt
c) plastic film
d) 4in thick concrete block wall

The area of a house that typically has the most trouble with condensation during the summer is the ________
a) attic
b) kitchen
c) bathroom
d) basement

All of the following are common vapor barrier materials except_______
a) asphalted kraft paper
b) aluminum foil
c) house wrap
d) polyethylene film

The thin sheet of rubber, PVC, or other material inserted into a construction joint to obstruct the seepage of water is known as______
a) drainage block
b) vapor barrier
c) lock joint
d) water stop

The best way to prevent moisture damage in an attic is through______
a) drainage channels on the roof deck
b) ventilation of the attic space
c) electric air dryers
d) moisture-absorbing materials in the insulation

When installing a vapor barrier in a crawl space, it should be located ______
a) on the ground and between the insulation and the subfloor
b) on the ground and below the subfloor over the crawl space
c) only below the subfloor over the crawl space
d) only on the ground

When installing faced insulation in a wall that will have a separate vapor barrier installed, the staples should be fastened to the wall frame______
a) on the faces of the wall studs, top plate, and sole plate
b) on the inside surfaces of the wall studs, top plate, and sole plate
c) only to the top plate and sole plate
d) only to the faces of the wall studs

When the insulation requirements call for a greater depth of loose fill insulation than the height of the ceiling joists in an open attic will allow, you can provide containment for the loose fill insulation by_______
a) using soffit baffles to hold the excess insulation in place
b) tamping down the insulation and holding it in place with plywood sheathing nailed to the ceiling joists
c) laying plastic sheeting over the loose fill insulation to hold it in place
d) installing strike-off boards over the joists

All of the following may be used to secure building wrap to a wood frame building except_______
a) screws with washers
b) 1 in wide staples
c) large-headed nails
d) nails with plastic washers

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