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Slate roofing is fastened to the sheathing with______
a) metal stripping laid across the top of each course
b) roofing cement applied to each tile
c) two nails driven through pre-drilled holes in each tile
d) four nails driven through pre-drilled holes in each tile

The durability of a corrugated metal roof comes from the _____
a) Thickness (guage) of the metal
b) density of the corrugations
c) zinc coating on the sheets
d) purlins under the metal roofing sheets

If a fastner is stripped during the installation of a standing seam metal roof, you should_____
a) remove the stripped fastner and replace it with a fastner of the next largest size
b) remove the stripped fastner, seal the hole with roofing cement, and drill a hole 2in from the orginal for a new fastner
c) leave the stripped fastner in place and put another fastner
d) remove the stripped fastner and replace it with a fastner of the same size

To ensure a tight, waterproof seal on the ridge cap of a wood shingle roof, ____
a) use waterproof membrane or flashing over the ridge
b) alternately overlap the cap shingles
c) seal the ridge cap with roof cement
d) use multiple layers of shingles on the ridge cap

the primary advantage of installing wood shingles over open sheathing is ______
a) easy access from underneath to seal the gaps between shingles
b) additional attic ventilation
c) air can circulate under the shingles to prevent rot
d) easy shingle replacement

When using a shingle hatchet, the spacing guide is used to measure the ______
a) gap between shingles
b) Gap between nails and the top of the shingle
c) amount that each shingle should overlap the shingle next to it
d) amount of exposed surface for each shingle

On an exposed-nail roll roofing installation, the lower edge of the roofing material is fastened to the roof deck by ____
a) nailing or stapling the material to the roof deck
b) cementing the dge of the material to the layer below it
c) applying cement to the entire underside of the roofing material
d) cementing the edge of the material to the lyer below it and nailing the material to the roof deck

If battens are used when applying a tile roof, they are horizonatally spaced 1/2in to 1in apart to allow_____
a) air circulation and drainage under the tiles
b) for vertical supports under the tiles
c) portions of the tile roof to be fastened directly to the roof deck
d) for gaps that will be filled with roofing cement to better hold the tiles

How should ceramic tile be nailed to the roof deck
a) the nails should be driven through neoprene washers to provide a watertight seal
b) the nails should be driven through metal washers to distribute the pressure of the mail head over a greater surface
c) the nails shold be driven to a nickel's thickness above the tile to prevent cracking
d) the nails should be driven flush with the surface off the tile

All of the following are reasons for providing ventilation for providing ventilation between the insulation and the underside of the roof deck except_____
a) fresh air is provided for the interior of the buiilding
b) moisture can escape so that rotting of the roof deck does not occur
c) the roof deck stays cool in the winter, preventing excessive ice buiildup
d) excess heat is carried off in the summer, preventing overheating of composition shingles

Ridge vents on a hip joint should end_____ above the eaves
a) 12 inches
b) 20 inches
c) 24 inches
d) 30 inches

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