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a yellow tag on a scaffold means that it______.
a) may not be used
b) may be used only in dry weather
c) does not meet all safety standards
d) is safe for all uses

the minimum slope on which composition shingles may be used if a double -lap underlayment is applied is_____.
a) 4 in 12
b) 3 in 12
c) 2 in 12
d) 1 in 12

to prevent wind-driven rain from being forced back under hand-split wooden shakes____.
a) use underlayment between each course of shakes
b) use hardboard panels under each course of shakes
c) cement each shingle down to the one below it
d) apply waterproof membrane under the shakes

A specficially engineered roof frame is required when using_____.
a) composition shingles
b) composition rolled roofing
c) slate roofing
d) pre-manufactured membrane roofing

All of the following are commonly used for drip edges and flashing except____.
a) aluminum
b) fiberglass
c) copper
d) vinyl

a ladder is normally used in a roofing job_____
a) to gain access to the roof
b) for transporting roofing materials to the roof
c) as a platform for the application of the starting course
d) as a platform for the application of all courses

When selecting a point to tie off your body harness, you should always choose an anchorage point that is____
a) at least 20' above where you will be working
b) directly below your working point
c) capable of supporting at least 3,000 pounds for each worker attached to it
d) low enough to allow you to drop to the ground from the end of your lanyard

the correct order of application for a roof installation at an eave is____
a) underlayment, starter strip, finish roof materials, and drip edge flashing
b) starter strip, drip edge flashing, underlayment, and finish roof material
c) drip edge flashing, starter strip, underlayment, and finish roof materials
d) drip edge flashing, underlayment, starter strip, and finish roof materials

the distance between the exposed edges of overlapping shingles is called the ____
a) width
b) exposure
c) toplap
d) headlap

for a long run gable roof, it is recommended that you start in the center rather than at one end or another because_____
a) this provides a slight slope from the center to help drain excess water from the roof
b) there is less chance of misalignment in both directions
c) composition shingles must be overlapping from side to side, starting from a center shingle
d) you cannot accurately measure the space between courses on the ends of the roof

An open valley is wider at the bottom than at the top______
a) to provide a more visually pleasing point
b) for easier cleaning and maintenance
c) to accommodate the higher volume of eater that will be present near the bottom
d) to allow for variations in the width of the shingles

In a closed-cut valley, the ends of the cut shingles on the intersecting roof surface are fastened down by____
a) applying metal flashing over shingles
b) using roofing nails along the edge of the cut shingle
c) a spot application of plastic asphalt under cement placed under each shingle
d) embedding the shingles edges in a 2in to 3in wide strip of plastic asphalt cement

the flashing around a soil stack should be applied____
a) before any course of shingles are applied
b) after the course below the stack, and before the courses surrounding and above the stack
c) after the courses below and surrounding the stack, and before the course above the stack
d) after all courses of shingles have been applied.

The additional structure required to properly apply roofing around a chimney is a _____
a) cricket
b) dormer
c) facia
d) valley

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