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Which is true of DNA?
a) cannot be duplicated
b) found in all living cells
c) found only in male cells
d) produced only in a test tube

The three parts of a seed are:
a) root, stem, and flower.
b) root, seed coat, and endosperm.
c) an embryo, cotyledon, and new plant.
d) seed coat, endosperm, and embryo.

Calcium is most important for the development of egg shells and is supplied in:
a) corn
b) vitamin D
c) ground ferrous oxide
d) ground limestone

Girls were allowed in the FFA in:
a) 1929
b) 1943
c) 1951
d) 1969

Which FFA career development event (CDE) requires participants to grade and evaluate egg and chicken products?
a) parliamentary procedure
b) dairy judging
c) poultry judging
d) public speaking

Fewer exports of products to European countries is most likely an issue related to:
a) local food movements
b) organic food production
c) sustainability
d) genetically modified organisms

Which is true of FFA extemporaneous speeches?
a) Delivered with little or no preparation
b) Never used in public speaking
c) Usually 20 to 30 minutes in length
d) Planned and practiced for days before delivery

A major reason for the manipulation of genes using recombinant DNA technology is to:
a) eradicate plant and animal species.
b) improve plant and animal performance.
c) increase the use of pesticides in agriculture.
d) monitor the effects of inbreeding

Which is considered a biotech method of plant propagation?
a) cutting
b) grafting
c) sowing seed
d) tissue culture

Finding and recording the location of genes is called:
a) matching
b) mapping
c) meshing
d) combining

The FFA Creed was adopted by members at the:
a) third National FFA Convention.
b) thirty-third National FFA Convention.
c) one hundred sixty-third National FFA Convention.
d) ninety-third National FFA Convention.

In agriscience as well as other sciences, the method used to solve a problem is called the:
a) educated guess method
b) most popular decision method
c) process of elimination method
d) Scientific method

When genetic information is moved from one cell to another to change the characteristics of the cell, the procedure is known as genetic:
a) engineering
b) division
c) mating
d) multiplication

Foliar application of fertilizer is applied by:
a) injecting the fertilizer in the soil below the plant
b) placing the fertilizer in a band on either side of the row.
c) sprinkling the fertilizer on the ground beside the plant.
d) spraying the fertilizer on the leaves of the plant.

Soil pH affects the availability of:
a) nutrients in the soil
b) the structure of the soil
c) the land class of the soil
d) microbes in the soil

The primary function of the leaf is to:
a) support other plant structures
b) produce flowers
c) manufacture food for the plant
d) produce fruit

The three primary nutrients supplied in a complete fertilizer are:
a) carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. (C,H,O)
b) nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. (N, P, K)
c) calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. (Ca,Mg,S)
d) carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur (C,N,S)

Clint works for an hourly wage in a SAE enterprise involved in production. What activity is he most likely involved in?
a) landscaping his home
b) learning to weld
c) raising beef cattle
d) visiting a supply store

In what year did agriculture teachers network across the United States in a team effort to form the National FFA Organization?
a) 1970
b) 1890
c) 1928
d) 1958

The purpose of petals in flowers is to:
a) attract insects for pollination
b) support the stamen
c) store food for young seeds
d) hide the plant from animals

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