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Purebred breeders use highquality boars as a major way to:
a) decrease the influence of marketing on prices.
b) improve genetic makeup of one breed of swine.
c) increase body fat on hogs.
d) reduce hybrid vigor.

In the digestive system of poultry, feed is crushed and mixed with digestive juices in the:
a) small intestines
b) crop
c) gizzard
d) esophagus

Which value is regularly taught with leadership skills learned through FFA participation?
a) Greed
b) Isolationism
c) Patriotism
d) Selfishness

Mozambic wants to study a problem in agriculture that is not easily tested by experimentation. His study will best be considered as what type of SAE?
a) Analytical
b) Easy
c) Placement
d) Production

Ginger wants to obtain the floor. In order to be recognized, she should address the presiding officer by saying:
a) I desire to speak
b) Your Honor
c) I call for recognition
d) Madame/Mr. Chairperson

Silas is unsure if the motion is in order. The parliamentarian instructs him that the maximum number of main motions that can be on the floor at any one time is:
a) 6
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

An agenda forms the framework of a good meeting and is also known as the:
a) Officer Reports
b) Order of Business
c) Reading of the Minutes
d) Treasurers Report

Which is the most accurate statement about food insecurity?
a) It is a problem mainly in African countries.
b) It is a global problem.
c) It is a problem only in Asian countries.
d) It is only a problem where governments are corrupt.

If a soil pH level is 6.0 and needs to be raised to 7.0, what amendment is best incorporated into the soil?
a) Sulfur
b) Sodium
c) Lime
d) Magnesium

Which career is involved with plants grown around the home for aesthetic purposes?
a) Floral Designer
b) Forester
c) Landscaper
d) Wholesale Florist

What type of fertilizer is animal manure?
a) Complete
b) Inorganic
c) Lime
d) Organic

Which might be a potential benefit of cloning animals for production purposes?
a) to produce identical genotypes
b) to produce uniform products such as chicken drumsticks
c) for saving a species
d) for research purposes

A breed of cattle that is red with a white face and raised primarily for beef production is:
a) Angus
b) Brahman
c) Hereford
d) Charolais

Broilers are a type of chicken that are most often used for:
a) fighting
b) laying eggs
c) meat production
d) show

What bacteria were genetically engineered to produce insulin?
a) E.Coli
b) Salmonella
c) Yeast
d) Listeria

Which most likely uses biology and chemistry to develop new ways to control weeds?
a) Agricultural Engineer
b) Agronomist
c) butcher
d) Floral delivery driver

The best term to describe the application of scientific principles and new technologies in agriculture is:
a) agribusiness
b) agriscience
c) farming
d) renewable natural resources

The highest beefcattleproducing states are generally located near states that produce which crop?
a) corn
b) soft red winter wheat
c) spearmint
d) citrus

At which career development event (CDE) is a student given 30 minutes to prepare a speech on an agricultural topic and then present that speech to a panel of judges?
a) agricultural sales
b) extemporaneous public speakign
c) prepared public speaking
d) the FFA creed

Freshmen members are asked to learn the FFA Creed because it:
a) gives the teacher time to relax.
b) helps students develop the skills necessary to compete in the Tool Identification Career Development Event (CDE).
c) is used by FFA in the place of saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.
d) represents the beliefs and values that the FFA stands for and members need to know.

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