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Which organization most likely has as its primary purpose the support of the student organization for agricultural education?
a) FFA Alumni Association
b) National Agricultural Teachers Association
c) National Agricultural Education Council
d) Teamsters Union

What item on the agenda reminds members of what happened at the last meeting?
a) Reading of the Minutes
b) Financial Report
c) Adjournment
d) Call to Order

The symbol that signifies that FFA is a national organization is the:
a) Corn
b) Eagle
c) Owl
d) Rising Sun

The secretary is the officer most responsible for:
a) keeping financial records for the group.
b) keeping records of the meetings.
c) making certain the public is informed about the club’s activities.
d) presiding over the meetings.

Of the many handson experiences Sandy has through SAE and FFA, which is most helpful in teaching her learn to identify plants?
a) Grading products in the Poultry Evaluation CDE
b) Preparing and delivering an extemporaneous speech
c) Reciting the FFA Creed
d) Working as an intern at a nursery

Howard records a short-term supplementary skill in his SAE record book. What did he most likely do?
a) Change a spark plug
b) Conduct an experiment on the effects of fertilizer on corn
c) Raise Christmas trees
d) Work in a florist shop

Which is the first degree of membership for high school FFA members?
a) Greenhand Degree
b) Chapter FFA Degree
c) State FFA Degree
d) American FFA Degree

The five paragraphs of the FFA Creed were written by:
a) Henry C. Groseclose.
b) Leslie Applegate.
c) E.M. Tiffany.
d) Wesley Barefoot. Agriscience

What is the most likely result when a chapter FFA Officer team presents a parliamentary procedure demonstration to the local Lions Club?
a) Creates conflict with parents because students are out of class
b) Develops the team’s confidence and skill in conducting business meetings
c) Eliminates the need for practicing good parliamentary procedure
d) Makes Lions Club members jealous of the FFA Officer team

Which ensures a meeting keeps moving through steps from start to finish?
a) Order of Business
b) Recess
c) Adjournment
d) Opening Ceremony

Which organization is most likely agricultural related?
a) Boy Scout
b) The Grange
c) Hot Rod Association
d) Red Hat Society

If Deanna has several enterprises as part of her SAE, she most likely has:
a) a job watering shrubs.
b) participated in the extemporaneous public speaking event.
c) several types of animals or plants in her project.
d) visited several agribusinesses

Which leadership career development event (CDE) is a basic statement of beliefs about FFA and agriculture?
a) FFA Creed
b) Prepared Public Speaking
c) Extemporaneous Public Speaking
d) Parliamentary Procedure

Hope makes a motion to have a dance, but before discussion from the floor can occur on the motion, it must be:
a) amended
b) seconded
c) tabled
d) voted on

Aaron makes a motion to have a cookout. What is the most acceptable way for him to state the motion?
a) I believe we should have a cookout.
b) I make a motion that we have a cookout.
c) I move we have a cookout.
d) I think that we should have a cookout.

If Jenny wants to have an entrepreneurship project, she needs to know that it:
a) involves ownership or partial ownership and she assumes financial risk.
b) is the same as an improvement project
c) may also be recorded as a supplementary skill.
d) must be done without pay or profit of any kind whether cash or bartered items.

Which most likely uses biology and chemistry to develop new ways to control insects?
a) Greenhouse manufacturer
b) Fertilizer dealer
c) Feed dealer
d) entomologist

Discovering new ways of controlling crop pests is best described as:
a) agricultural marketing
b) agricultural sales
c) agribusiness
d) agriscience

Who invented the milking machine in 1878?
a) John Deere
b) Eli Whitney
c) Massey Ferguson
d) Anna Baldwin

Propagation is defined as:
a) the union of an egg and sperm.
b) the process of increasing the number of a species.
c) a cheaper method of producing plants than with seeds.
d) the only way to propagate some species and cultivars.

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