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If a main motion is made to have refreshments after all meetings, it must pass by a:
a) majority vote
b) roll call vote
c) secret ballot
d) two-thirds majority vote

Sybal has performed several supplementary, improvement, and exploratory activities that count toward her agricultural education grade. The activities will be graded as:
a) extra credit
b) FFA participation
c) recreation
d) SAE

What symbol on the FFA emblem represents the progressive nature of agriscience, and the need for workers in agriscience to cooperate and work toward common goals?
a) American flag
b) Plow
c) Rising sun
d) Owl

Before presenting a prepared speech to an audience, the best way a speaker can improve the presentation is by:
a) drinking plenty of water to prevent thirst during speaking
b) practicing the speech before a mirror to observe posture, gestures, and facial expressions.
c) making a copy of the manuscript to place in a personal file.
d) listening to the sounds of the ocean waves and seagulls.

What item of business should occur immediately after the reading of the minutes, and before the group begins unfinished business?
a) Degree Ceremonies
b) Guest Speakers
c) Treasurer’s Report as well as other officer reports
d) Adjournement

Hawan is partowner of a greenhouse that grows tomatoes for the local market. What type of SAE is she involved in?
a) Protective
b) Placement
c) Exploratory
d) Entrepreneurship

Developing students’ potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success is the FFA:
a) Creed
b) Mission
c) Motto
d) Slogan

What do professional agricultural organizations often provide for their members?
a) Trade shows
b) Free Equipment
c) Medical Care
d) Transportation

Stage presence is important for a good speech because it shows the speaker’s:
a) ability to write a manuscript.
b) confidence and ease before the audience
c) correct use of grammatical structure
d) skill in researching the Internet for references

Hannah moves to amend the motion to have the banquet at the school cafeteria. What is she most likely trying to do to the motion?
a) Change it
b) Kill it
c) Preserve it
d) Restore it

Which symbol in the FFA emblem represents labor and tillage of the soil?
a) Owl
b) Eagle
c) Plow
d) Cross section of the ear of corn

Which activity is most helpful in developing poise, confidence, and leadership?
a) Cleaning up school grounds
b) Identifying trees in a forestry class
c) Making an oral presentation or speech
d) Moving plants in a nursery

Adjournement means that:
a) the floor is open for business.
b) the group must move to a new location.
c) the group will no longer conduct official business in the meeting.
d) recreation is not allowed after meetings.

John is conducting activities to make the appearance, convenience, and safety of his home better. Which SAE project is he most likely involved in?
a) Explroatory
b) Improvement
c) Supplementary
d) Planning

What are the three most common ways Seth can amend a motion?
a) Adding, striking out, or substituting
b) Combining, blending, or referr
c) Delaying, avoiding, or defeating
d) Withdrawing, rescinding, or conferring

Many professional agricultural organizations require their members to:
a) attend weekly meetings
b) give a percentage of their profits to the organization
c) pay membership dues
d) take an oath

The presiding officer keeps the meeting in order by requiring members who want to speak to be:
a) ascertained
b) confirmed
c) registered
d) recognized

The FFA Creed was written and adopted in 1928 to:
a) give members a theme song.
b) help members understand the importance of the organization.
c) provide a jingle for advertisement.
d) raise money for the support of contests held at the national level.

Business that was started but not completed in the last meeting is referred to as:
a) Committee Reports
b) New Business
c) Old Business
d) Order of Business

Courses in vocational agriculture were established in 1917 by the:
a) Smith-Hughes Act
b) Smith-Jones Act
c) Mary Smith Act
d) John Smith Act

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