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what is one of the two major divisions of the nervous system?
a) CNS
b) cerebral cortex
c) motor cortex
d) visual cortex

what is the biggest part of the brain?
a) cerebral cortex
b) brainstem
c) spinal cord
d) pons

the part of the brain that controls coordination and balance?
a) brainstem
b) cerebellum
c) cerebrum
d) spinal cord

the part of the brain in charge of thinking and memory?
a) pons
b) cerebellum
c) cerebrum
d) medulla oblongata

a reflex is a simple response to what?
a) eating
b) fright
c) reaction
d) stimulus

what connects the spinal cord to all the other parts of the brain?
a) brainstem
b) pons
c) medulla oblongata
d) cerebrum

what cushions the brain against shock?
a) cerebrospinal fluid
b) pillow
c) thalamus
d) hypothalamus

the central nervous system contains of what?
a) heart and blood
b) cerebrum and brain
c) cerebellum and brainstem
d) brain and spinal cord

what is the most active organism in the human body?
a) heart
b) brain
c) lungs
d) kidneys

what is the other major divisions the nervous system?
a) prefrontal cortex
b) premotor cortex
c) sensory cortex
d) PNS

what part of your brain controls your blood pressure ?
a) hypothalamus
b) thalamus
c) brain stem
d) cerebellum

how much blood goes to the heart to the brain?
a) 10%
b) 80%
c) 5%
d) 20%

this system is responsible for controlling things such as salivation, breathing and digestion:
a) parasympathetic
b) autonomic nervous system
c) sympathetic
d) somatic nervous system

An involuntary reaction is called a:
a) knee-jerk
b) stimuli
c) reflex
d) reaction

This system is responsible for all of your bodies involuntary movement?
a) autonomic nervous system
b) somatic nervous system
c) sympathetic
d) parasympathetic

what is the job of the parasympathetic nervous system?
a) fight or flight
b) sit and digest
c) to heal your muscles
d) to send reflexes to the brain

what controls voluntary actions?
a) sympathetic nervous system
b) peripheral nervous system
c) autonomic nervous system
d) somatic nervous system

what are convolutions?
a) folds in the brain that increase surface area
b) connections with the spinal cords and brainstem
c) controls salvation and heart rate
d) controls all reflexes in the body

without the nervous system you couldn't :
a) walk
b) talk
c) think
d) all of the above

what part of the brain keeps you breathing ?
a) brain stem
b) breathe -o- meter
c) pituitary gland
d) cerebellum

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