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Formed when a wire in an electric circuit is wrapped around an iron core producing a magnetic field
a) Electromagnet
b) Bar magnet
c) Generator
d) Motor

True or False: An electromagnet loses its magnetism if the electric current stops flowing
a) True
b) False

Produces an electric current when a coil of wire wrapped around an iron core is rotated near a magnet
a) Generator
b) Motor
c) Magnet
d) Car

__________at power plants produce electric energy for our homes.
a) Electricity
b) Generators
c) Cars
d) Magnets

Changes electrical energy to mechanical energy.
a) Simple electric motor
b) Generator
c) Car
d) Magnet

In a simple electric motor, like poles of the magnets repel and unlike poles of the magnets attract. This causes the coil to rotate and thus changes electrical energy to ________________energy
a) Chemical
b) Light
c) Sound
d) Mechanical

Surrounding a magnet is a __________________ that applies a force, a push or pull, without actually touching an object.
a) magnetic field
b) circuit
c) coil
d) car

A coil of wire spinning around a magnet or a magnet spinning around a coil of wire can form an _____________________.
a) magnetic field
b) magnet
c) electric current
d) motor

__________________ are huge wheels that rotate when pushed by water, wind, or steam (associated with generators)
a) Motors
b) Turbines
c) Magnet
d) Car

The opposite ends of a magnet are called_______________.
a) Left and right
b) Up and down
c) East and west
d) North and south

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