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What form of extreme nationalism was the popular form of government once Hitler took power in Germany and Mussolini in Italy?
a) Patriotism
b) Socialism
c) Fanaticism
d) Fascism

What nations comprised the Axis powers of WWII?
a) France, Britain, USA
b) Germany, Italy, Japan
c) Germany, Italy, Russia
d) Germany, Russia, Japan

What nations comprised the Allied powers of WWII?
a) France, Britain, USA, Soviet Union
b) Britain, USA, Soviet Union, Japan
c) Soviet Union, Germany, USA, Britain
d) France, Italy, Spain, USA

Which of the following best describes the Non-Aggression Pact?
a) An agreement made between Germany and Poland stating that they would not attack one another
b) An agreement made between Germany and the Soviet Union stating they would not attack one another
c) A deal Hitler made with France to not attack if the French government vowed to let Germany occupy parts of the nation in prep
d) A pact the Allies made in attempts to deal with Germany diplomatically to avoid war if possible

What made it possible for the US to provide aid to other nations fighting Germany even though not officially involved in the war?
a) FDR financed portions of the war by providing lines of credits to friendly nations at war
b) The US agreed to secretly allow Allied nations to smuggle weapons on civilian merchant ships to fool German U-Boat patrols in
c) FDR passed the “Lend-Lease Act” which allowed the US to lend and lease weapons to Allies who were vital to the US
d) The US pledged to exempt Allied nations from tariffs enforced due to the large amount of trade that occurred between nations

Who were the political leaders of the Axis Powers?
a) Hitler, De Gaulle, Mussolini
b) Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin
c) Hitler, Stalin, DeGaulle
d) Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo

Who were the political leaders of the Allied Powers?
a) Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaulle, Stalin
b) Roosevelt, Churchill, Franco, Stalin
c) Roosevelt, Churchill, Tojo, Stalin
d) Roosevelt, De Gaulle, Franco, Stalin

Who was the commander of all Allied Forces who would later become the president of the United States after the war?
a) George S. Patton
b) Dwight D. Eisenhower
c) Harry S. Truman
d) John F. Kennedy

Which famous general is accredited with successfully moving US forces throughout the Pacific to eventually defeat Japan?
a) George S. Patton
b) Omar Bradley
c) Irwin Rommel
d) Douglas MacArthur

Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer?
a) Considered the father of the atomic bomb who later lived his days in regret
b) The German war strategist that came up with the Blitzkrieg
c) Hitler’s forward commander in charge of overseeing the concentration camps
d) The inventor of nuclear energy and the hydrogen bomb

What was the purpose of Hitler’s Final Solution?
a) Hitler’s last ditch effort to defeat the allies and retake the Rhineland
b) To equip concentration camps with furnaces and gas chambers in order to hasten the extermination of the Jewish population at
c) Hitler’s secret plan to convince Mexico to join the war and invade the US
d) It was meant as a counter-intelligence strategy to confuse Allied commanders on where the major German attacks would occur to

What were the portions of the cities called where Jews were crowded into dismal and subpar living conditions?
a) Ghettos
b) Suburbs
c) Bodegas
d) Bugettos

What early agreement was made between the US and Britain before America officially entered the war? (hint: it would become the basis for the foundation of the United Nations)
a) The Pacific Charter
b) The Atlantic Charter
c) The North Sea Charter
d) The Royal Caribbean Charter

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