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Why did many African nations achieve independence after Ghana in 1957?
a) A violent African war began against Europe
b) Once Ghana was independent other colonies wanted independence from Europe as well
c) The Soviet Union liberated most of these countries
d) The United States liberated most of these countries

Bosnia, Kosovo, Armenia, Rwanda, and Auschwitz are all names associated with
a) Genocide
b) Apartheid
c) World War 2
d) Decolonization

These people were targeted for extermination by the Hutu in Rwanda
a) Hutu
b) Bantu
c) Berber
d) Tutsi

These people were targeted for extermination by the Ottoman Empire's Government during World War I.
a) Muslims
b) Armenian Christians
c) Jews
d) Hindus

Why did Britain split India into two countries in 1947?
a) The United Nations forced them to.
b) The Soviet Union had invaded India.
c) Hindus and Muslims wanted to live in their own separate countries.
d) The United States took control of India from Britain.

The conflict in Northern Ireland is a conflict between which two religious groups?
a) Hindus and Muslims
b) Jews and Catholics
c) Catholics and Protestants
d) Sikhs and Muslims

The Arab-Israeli conflict began because Jews and Arabs-
a) declared war on Britain
b) both claim Palestine as their homeland and want sovereignty over it
c) were targeted for genocide by the Nazis
d) Are in a war with the other Arab nations surrounding them

What happened to the Soviet Union after the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979?
a) The United States declared war
b) Pressure increased for change in the Soviet government
c) Russian athletes were massacred at the Olympics
d) Moscow was the target for a series of suicide bombings

After the September 11 attacks what was the U.S.'s response?
a) Backed out of the Middle East
b) Began a global War on Terror
c) Quit the United Nations
d) Declared war on Syria

What do Kwame Nkrumah and Ho Chi Minh have in common?
a) Thet both won the Nobel Peace Prize
b) They fought Independence from Europe for their countries.
c) They were assassinated by the CIA
d) They masterminded the 9/11 attacks

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