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The Human Nervous System.[print questions]

What are the two divisions of the Autonomic Nervous System?
a) Cortex and Medulla
b) Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
c) Cerebrum and Cerebral Cortex
d) Hyppocampus and Hypothalamus

What is one of the important functions of the Spinal Cord?
a) Controls temperature
b) Connects the nerves to the Peripheral Nervous System
c) Helps with balance
d) Controls breathing

What does PNS stand for?
a) Poor Node Site
b) Peripheral Nervous System
c) Primary Nodule Site
d) Primary Nervous Site

What is the main function of the Afferent Neurons?
a) Control Breathing
b) Collect information from the body and transmit it toward the Central Nervous System
c) Connect the Spinal cord to the brain
d) Control Blood Pressure

What are the three types of memory?
a) Quick, Short-term, and Sad
b) Long-term, Sad, and Happy
c) Short-term, Sad, and Momentary
d) Momentary, Short-term, and Long-term

What two involuntary activities does the Medulla Oblongata control?
a) Thinking and Singing
b) Breathing and Heartbeat
c) Crying and Yelling
d) Breathing and Coughing

What is the main function of the Medulla Oblongata?
a) Connect the Spinal Cord to all other parts of the brain
b) Controls Blood Pressure
c) Controls Body Temperature
d) Controls Emotion

What are the cerebral cortex folds called?
a) Toes
b) Jaws
c) Convolutions
d) Movements

What does the Cerebellum helps with?
a) Blood pressure
b) Balance
c) Body temperature
d) Emotions

What does the Hypothalamus control?
a) Body temperature, blood pressure, and emotions
b) Blood flow and temperature
c) Tears and saliva
d) Blood temperature and emotions

Where is the Thalamus located?
a) Between the Hyphothalamus and the Cerebrum
b) Between the brain and the the Spinal Cord
c) Between the Corpus Callosum and the Pons
d) Between the Cerebrum and the Brainstem

What are the three major parts of the brain?
a) Cerebrum, Brain Stem, Pons
b) Medula, Cerebrum, Brain Stem
c) Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Medulla Oblongata
d) Hypothalamus, Midbrain, Pituitary Gland

What percentage of the blood pumped by the heart does the brain receive?
a) 30%
b) 20%
c) 70%
d) 50%

What is the name of the fluid in which the Brain and Spinal cord float in?
a) Cerebral Spinal Fluid
b) Medula fluid
c) Spinal Fluid
d) Blood

Where does the Spinal Cord carry messages to?
a) From the Brain to the Spinal Cord
b) From the Hypothalmus to the Pons
c) From the Body to the Brain
d) From the Cerebrum to the Pituitary Gland

What are the two major divisions of the nervous system?
a) Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System
b) Brain and Spine
c) Spinal Cord and Cerebrum
d) Cerebral Cortex and Mid Brain

What are the parts of the Central Nervous System?
a) Cerebrum and Gland
b) Brain and Spinal Cord
c) Brain Stem and Medula
d) Spinal Cord and Thalamus

What does CNS stand for?
a) Central Nick Salt
b) Case Nodule Syndrome
c) Central Nervous System
d) Cerebrum Node Site

A reflex is the simplest reponse to a ______________?
a) stimulus
b) blood pressure
c) body temperature
d) cerebral cortex

What does the Parasympathetic Nervous sytem prepare the body for?
a) jump
b) rest
c) breathing
d) fight

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