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What did Travis accuse Jodi of doing?
a) Stalking him
b) Vandalizing his business
c) Killing his dog
d) Rape

How was Travis murdered?
a) Strangulation
b) Car accident
c) Shot and stabbed
d) Ran over with a car

Identify what was found in the washing machine that proved pivotal to the defense.
a) The gun
b) The knife
c) Jodi’s clothing
d) A camera with pictures taken prior to and after the murder

Which was Jodi’s defense in the trial?
a) Two men broke into the house and killed him and assaulted her.
b) Self-defense, Travis had been abusive.
c) Plead insane.
d) Neither, she killed herself prior to the trial.

Identify the name of Jim Jones’ church.
a) Jonestown
b) People’s Temple
c) Jones’ Children of God
d) Church of Jones

What was unique about Jim Jones that was rare at the time?
a) He accepted African Americans and whites into his church.
b) Jones claimed to be Jesus.
c) Jones encouraged drug use in church.
d) He was a preacher in the prison.

Identify the congressman from California who traveled to Jonestown to check on the family members of his state.
a) Jim Jones
b) Mitch OConnell
c) Robert Kennedy
d) Leo Ryan

What happened during the party that was held for the congressman?
a) The congressman was shot.
b) The news cameras weren’t allowed to film.
c) A note was passed to the outsiders asking for them to help leaving Jonestown.
d) A note was passed to Jones saying that certain members were wanting to leave.

Where did put the cyanide for the congregation to commit suicide?
a) Kool-aid
b) The water supply
c) The food supplied as lunch
d) Dr. Pepper

Which of the following is NOT a reason Lizzie was angry with her father?
a) He had killed pigeons that she had made a home for.
b) Their father had given their stepmother’s family real estate as a present.
c) He had considered changing the will.
d) He had abused her and her sister Emma for years.

How was Abby Borden killed?
a) She was struck in the head and then hit 19 times.
b) She was strangled.
c) She was shot.
d) She was hit 40 times by an axe.

What did Bridget report hearing between murders?
a) Lizzie cleaning the murder weapon.
b) Screams from Abby being murdered.
c) Andrew cleaning the murder weapon.
d) Lizzie giggling at the top of the stairs when Bridget cursed.

How was Andrew Borden killed?
a) He was struck 10 or 11 times with a hatchet.
b) Blunt force trauma
c) Shot
d) Strangulation

Was Lizzie found guilty of the double homicide?
a) No, but she was never tried.
b) Yes, she was sentenced to death.
c) Yes, she was sentenced to life in prison.
d) No, she was found not guilty.

Who was John Lennon?
a) A United States President
b) A former member of the Beatles, and a solo artist
c) An author
d) A former movie star who became a musician

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