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The invention of the thresher helped farmers ____.
a) increase the crop yield
b) cut through hard-packed soil
c) speed up the harvesting of wheat
d) separate grain from stalks

In spite of improvements in agriculture during this era, the North became more _____.
a) rural
b) industrial
c) isolated
d) in debt

The Midwest was connected to the East by 1860 because of ____.
a) the invention of the steamboat
b) the growth of cities
c) the development of canals
d) the growing system of railroad tracks

After the Great Train Wreck of 1856, newspapers demanded that railroads _____.
a) make the safety of passengers their first concern
b) fire their train engineers
c) stop transporting grain and livestock from the Midwest
d) begin following speed limits

The steel-tipped plow, developed by _____, allowed farmers to cut through the hard-packed prairie sod.
a) Cyrus McCormick
b) John Deere
c) International Harvester
d) Samuel Morse

Robert Fulton improved transportation with his commercially successful version of the ____.
a) clipper ship
b) steamboat
c) steam locomotive
d) canal system

In 1846 Elias Howe invented the _____, which helped workers make clothing in mass quantities.
a) cotton gin
b) sewing machine
c) loom
d) washing machine

Phase one of industrialization in the North was that ____.
a) employers divided jobs into smaller steps
b) workers used machinery less and less frequently
c) specialized workers were brought to separate factories
d) more workers produced less fabric in less time

What are some ways that the rise of industry shaped North compared to the South?
a) With agricultural advancements and trade with Canada and Europe
b) The North struggled with high unemployment.
c) More urbanization, factories, and a well developed transportation system.
d) There was less political debate in the North.

What happened in the third phase of industrialization in the North?
a) Workers completed tasks manually.
b) Factories were built for specialized workers.
c) Workers made most goods one item at a time.
d) Mass production became possible.

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