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Which of the following helps scientists determine the relative age of rock layers and fossils?
a) law of superposition
b) index fossils such as trilobites
c) chemical dating
d) all of the answer choices

Why do objects on Earth such as a flat leaf and a ball fall at different rates on Earth if the force of gravity on Earth is the same for all objects?
a) air resistance affects the flat leaf more more than the ball
b) air resistance affects the ball more than the flat leaf
c) gravity has a greater pull on the flat leaf than the ball
d) gravity has a greater pull on the ball than the flat leaf

What layer of the Sun becomes more visible during a solar eclipse?
a) corona
b) sunspots
c) photosphere
d) solar winds

Light from distant stars can reach the surface of the Earth most of the time but is distorted by Earth's atmosphere. How can scientists BEST solve this problem?
a) build taller telescopes
b) make telescopes stronger
c) launch telescopes into orbit
d) move telescopes away from cities

When the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun which of the following is correct about Earth's seasons?
a) it is summer in the northern and southern hemispheres
b) it is winter int he northern and southern hemispheres
c) it is summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere
d) it is winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere

Which of the following most accurately describes how Hawaii is formed?
a) Colliding tectonic plates are pushing rock upward creating islands
b) Sediments are being deposited to form islands
c) Lava from hot spots underwater add up over time creating islands
d) Diverging tectonic plates are pulling rock apart causing lava to erupt upward creating islands

What is the reason why South America and Africa are farther apart today then they were hundreds of years ago?
a) South American and African plates are moving away from one another
b) South American and African plates are moving toward one another
c) South American and African plates are sliding past on another
d) South American and African plates are slowly getting smaller

Over geologic time there have been many rapid climate changes due to massive volcanic eruptions or impact events. How do climate changes MOST LIKELY impact organisms?
a) many organisms remained the same in the new climates
b) many organisms died because they no longer had the adaptations needed for new climates
c) most organisms will flourish because they are well adapted to the rapid climate changes
d) many organisms migrated to new areas

Scientists find many trilobite fossils in a rock layer found to be relatively 450-490 million years old. What can scientists use this information for during future digs?
a) to determine how large trilobites were
b) to estimate the relative depth they will find trilobites
c) to estimate the relative age of rock layers containing trilobites in other areas
d) to determine the behavior and life cycle of triolbites

According to the fossil record and geologic evidence which of the following explains why many organisms have become extinct during over the past 65 million years during the Cenozoic era?
a) global warming
b) volcanic eruptions
c) impact event
d) ice ages

If you wanted to know how watering plants with different amounts of water affects plant growth. What would be a good 'control' for this investigation?
a) growing plants with no water
b) growing flowers with 3L of water
c) growing different types of plants
d) watering plants at different angles

Which of the following procedures would be best to accurately gather data about plant growth?
a) measure plant growth weekly and record observations at the end
b) measure plant growth at the same time every day and record if changes occur
c) measure plant growth at the same time every day and record observations
d) measure plant growth when a noticeable change occurs and record observations

A student put soil into a box, poured water onto the soil, and observed that water (eroded) carried the soil away. What question about erosion should this student investigate next?
a) does the type of soil affect the rate of erosion?
b) can erosion be effected by animals?
c) does the number of tides affect erosion on beaches?
d) can erosion due to ocean waves be reduced?

A scientist claims they can create energy from ocean water. Other scientists reject this discovery after their own scientific investigations. Why would scientists not support this amazing discovery?
a) other scientists were unable to repeat the experiment and get similar results
b) energy experiments are dangerous and expensive
c) there is no need for alternative sources of energy
d) the first scientist should not have published their results

Which of the following is energy that spreads outward from the earthquake focus?
a) Primary waves
b) Secondary waves
c) Seismic waves
d) all of the answer choices

You are preparing to conduct an investigation with some dangerous substances. Which of the following would be the BEST thing every student should do first when they enter a science lab?
a) put on goggles and aprons
b) get all the lab materials from the teacher
c) arrange the lab supplies in the order they will be used in the procedures
d) look at the materials and solutions to make sure they are safe and correct for the investigation

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