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When a rubber band is stretched, it has ____ energy.
a) potential
b) kinetic
c) chemical
d) nuclear

Work depends on _____.
a) force
b) distance
c) both force and distance
d) neither force nor distance

A bus engine transfers chemical potential energy into ____ so that the bus moves.
a) thermal energy
b) gravitational potential energy
c) electrical energy
d) kinetic energy

Sunlight is produced through ____ energy.
a) nuclear
b) radiant
c) thermal
d) electrical

Newton’s first law of motion says that an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a force. Yet, if you slide a box across the floor, it will not continue sliding. What force is acting on the box to slow it down?
a) gravity
b) friction
c) potential
d) kinetic

Which of the following is NOT a way to conserve energy?
a) driving to the neighbor’s house
b) riding your bike to school
c) turning off the light in a room
d) taking a shorter shower

Work _____ energy.
a) transmits
b) reflects
c) transfers
d) stops

____ is a fossil fuel.
a) Oil
b) Water
c) Electricity
d) Nuclear fuel

According to the law of conservation of energy, the total amount of energy in the universe ____.
a) remains constant
b) changes constantly
c) increases
d) decreases

Whenever two surfaces interact, some energy is transferred to thermal energy due to _____.
a) surrounding heat
b) water
c) friction
d) fusion

A limiting factor for using nuclear energy is the ____ produced.
a) flooding
b) pollution
c) waste
d) heat

Which of the following does NOT reduce friction?
a) grease
b) cotton
c) oil
d) graphite

In which of these examples is work NOT performed?
a) A bowling ball colliding with a pin.
b) A ladder leaning against a wall.
c) A student carrying a box across the room.
d) A teacher sliding a book across the desk.

Which of the following is an advantage to using fossil fuels?
a) does not pollute the air or water
b) widely available
c) theoretically inexhaustible supply
d) can be used in isolated areas

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