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In a nuclear power plant, nuclear energy is first changed to ____ energy.
a) electrical
b) thermal
c) chemical
d) radiant

Increasing the speed of an object ____ its potential energy.
a) does not affect
b) increases
c) decreases
d) changes

Which of the following is NOT an example of a change caused by energy?
a) fireworks exploding
b) rock sitting in the middle of the yard
c) flower blooming
d) hammer striking a nail

A burning fire produces ____ energy.
a) kinetic and potential
b) radiant and thermal
c) electrical and thermal
d) chemical and radiant

Which of the following devices does NOT make use of electrical energy?
a) upright piano
b) radio
c) toaster
d) digital camera

Hydroelectric power uses _____ as a renewable energy source.
a) moving water
b) wind
c) sunlight
d) biomass

In a fireworks display, energy is released in _____.
a) light
b) sound
c) heat
d) all of the above

____ is an renewable resource.
a) Coal
b) Natural gas
c) Wind
d) Oil

What is the most common source of energy in the United States?
a) coal
b) natural gas
c) petroleum
d) renewable energy

Which of the following equations defines the law of conservation of energy?
a) total energy = kinetic energy – potential energy
b) total energy = potential energy – kinetic energy
c) total energy = kinetic energy + potential energy
d) total energy = kinetic energy times; potential energy

A kite stuck in a tree has ____ energy.
a) kinetic
b) thermal
c) chemical
d) potential

The form of energy in fossil fuels is ____ energy.
a) nuclear
b) chemical
c) radiant
d) electrical

When energy changes from one form to another, it is called energy _____.
a) radiation
b) transmissions
c) solutions
d) transformations

Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?
a) mechanical energy
b) nuclear energy
c) paper energy
d) electrical energy

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