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Which country was NOT one of the main countries to sponsor explorations
a) Spain
b) England
c) China
d) France

The reason for Exploration in the beginning was
a) To find new civilzations
b) to create better maps
c) to find a sea route to Asia
d) none of the above

He explored for Spain. He explored San Salvador, Cuba, and Hispaniola. However, he thought he was in India.
a) Magellen
b) Columbus
c) Cortez
d) Prince Henry

He explored for the English. He discovered and explored the coast of Canada.
a) Magellan
b) DeGama
c) Cabot
d) Columbus

Explored Mexico and conquered the Aztecs
a) Columbus
b) Pizarro
c) Cortez
d) DeGama

Explored South America and conquered the Incas
a) Pizarro
b) Cortez
c) Cartier
d) Vespucci

Created a school in Portugal to teach explorers and sponsor voyages
a) Cabot
b) Prince Henry
c) Pizarro
d) Cartier

He was the first to sail around the southern tip of Africa and reach India
a) DeGama
b) Magellan
c) Columbus
d) Vespucci

His crew is credited with being the first to sail around the world
a) Cabot
b) Pizarro
c) Cortez
d) Magellan

The word circumnavigate means
a) to go around the world
b) to give up
c) to cut off a trade route
d) none of the above

Improved technology such as better maps, astrolabes, and ships helped launch the Age of Exploration
a) True
b) False

What treaty divided South America between Spain and Portugal
a) Treaty of Brazil
b) Treaty of Tordesillas
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) There was no treaty

Sugarcane, tobacco, cocoa, and cotton are examples of
a) Cash Crops
b) Plantations
c) Food
d) cottage industry

The economic idea tat states that a country's power depends on its wealth
a) Capitalism
b) Communism
c) Federalism
d) Mercantilism

A natiLiveson's goal in mercantilism was to obtain as much_________ as possible
a) Goods
b) Wealth(gold)
c) Livestock
d) Countries

These were created because exploration was very expensive. Several investors would fund a voyage
a) Cottage Industry
b) Mercantilism
c) Joint Stock companies

The exchange of living goods between the new and old world
a) Global Exchange
b) Columbian Exchange
c) American Exchange
d) Triangular trade

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