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What does the D stand for in DETER?
a) Directions
b) Dictionary
c) Determined
d) Dynamite

The essay direction word trace means:
a) present events in the order they occurred
b) give facts and reasons in support of something
c) break a topic into parts and discuss
d) judge the merits of something with criteria

Examples of absolute words would be:
a) always, never, all
b) sometimes, usually and always
c) never, always, few
d) none, always, few

Some characteristics of right brain learners are:
a) art, music, creativity
b) art, math, likes group work
c) music, likes group work, science
d) math, science, music

One study strategy for auditory learners would be:
a) listen to audiotapes
b) draw pictures of concepts
c) bounce a ball while studying
d) chew gum while studying

The S in a SMART goal stand for:
a) Specific
b) Simple
c) Study
d) Strategy

The three neurological styles are:
a) right, left and middle brain
b) right, left, and visual
c) kinesthetic, auditory, visual
d) left, visual, audtory

The T in DETER stands for:
a) Time
b) Task
c) Telepathic
d) Total

The memorization strategy that uses pictures associated with a concept is:
a) visualization
b) art
c) Picture making
d) categorization

The R in SMART stand for:
a) Relevant
b) Review
c) Reading
d) Ready

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