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Which European country was the first to come to the new world?
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) Germany

What is a conquistador?
a) A conqueror
b) A hero
c) A Priest
d) A Teacher

What Spanish Conquistador was the first to come through Georgia?
a) Juan Ponce De Leon
b) Pedro Mendenez
c) Hernando De Soto
d) Vasco De Gama

Where did the Spanish set up missions in Georgia?
a) Fall Line
b) Savannah River
c) Chattahoochee River
d) Barrier Islands

What was the purpose of the Spanish Missions?
a) Teach the Spanish language and the Christian religion
b) Teach Native Americans to become fighters
c) Teach Spanish soldiers how to live in Georgia
d) Teach Spanish how the Native Americans grow food

How did the Spanish treat the Native Americans?
a) Wonderful
b) Did not have any impact with them
c) Attacked their villages and killed them
d) Captured all of them and took them back to Spain

Why did the French want to come to the New World?
a) They wanted to find a water route to Asia
b) They wanted land and more resources such as fur
c) They needed more people back in France
d) They wanted to move the country of France over to the New World

Where did the French settle?
a) Along the coast of New York
b) Florida
c) In parts of Canada and along the Mississippi River
d) In California

Why did the English come to the New World?
a) England was over crowded and needed more resources
b) England was jealous of the Spanish claims
c) England heard there was gold here
d) England needed fresh water

Which European Country treated the Native Americans the best?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Germany
d) England

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