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Mining Review.[print questions]

What are mineral deposits that are large enough to be mined for profit called?
a) pegmatites
b) surface minerals
c) quarries
d) ore

Which of the following is NOT a type of surface mine?
a) shaft
b) quarry
c) open pit
d) surface coal mine

What must be dug into the Earth to reach deeply buried ore?
a) deposits
b) passageways
c) open-pit mines
d) coal

What is one problem that mining may create?
a) reclamation
b) mineral deposits
c) ore
d) water pollution

How do we return land used for mining to its original state?
a) by pollution
b) by recycling
c) by reclamation
d) by stripmining

What is one way to reduce our need for minerals?
a) reclamation
b) surface mining
c) subsurface mining
d) recycling

If a mineral deposit is located deep within the Earth, _________ mining methods are used to mine the deposit.
a) surface
b) subsurface
c) explosives.....awesome
d) jackhammers

Metallic minerals are good conductors of _________ and __________.
a) heat and sound
b) heat and electricity
c) hot and cold
d) cold and sound

Nonmetallic minerals that are valued for their beauty and rarity rather than their usefulness are called _______________.
a) Max
b) pretty
c) gemstones
d) calcite

The groups of minerals that we commonly mine are ________________.
a) silica and calcite
b) metallic and nonmetallic
c) metal and gems
d) gemstones and nonmetallic

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