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What political philosophy advocates a strong nationalist dictatorship?
a) appeasement
b) neutrality
c) democracy
d) fascism

Which one of these was a major result of World War II?
a) the Great Depression
b) the colonization of Africa
c) the creation of the United Nations
d) the lack of power of the United States

German forces drove deep into Poland using a new method of warfare called ______________.
a) axis warfare
b) blitzkrieg
c) Hideki Tojo
d) appeasement

Which continent did Mussolini (Italy) hope to dominate in the Second World War?
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) Africa
d) Australia

Which country did Emperor Hirohito rule over?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Korea
d) Vietnam

Who was the dictator of Germany during World War II?
a) Franz Josef
b) Adolf HItler
c) Benito Mussolini
d) Otto von Bismarck

A major factor in America's isolationist stance following World War I was negative public opinion over the number of American casualties suffered in the war. Which domestic issue added to America's isolationism in the decades before WW2?
a) the Great Depression
b) the Spanish Flu epidemic
c) labor unrest and strikes
d) segregation and racial unrest

Which statement about the Holocaust is TRUE?
a) Children were not allowed in the concentration camps.
b) The Nazis avoided killing women and the elderly.
c) Jews were the main targets of the Nazis.
d) Most Germans tried to help the victims.

Benito Mussolini MOST LIKELY annexed Ethiopia into the colony of Italian East Africa because he
a) considered them a potential economic rival.
b) wanted to overtake colonies to build a large empire.
c) saw an opportunity to take strategic land from Germany.
d) believed he should eradicate an entire group of people.

At the beginning of both World War I and World War II, the initial policy of the United States was to
a) remain neutral.
b) create naval blockades.
c) provide military assistance.
d) end ties with the warring countries.

The Holocaust of World War II generally refers to the
a) treatment of Chinese people by Japan in the late 1930s.
b) bombing of the interior regions of Germany by Allied bombers.
c) internment of Japanese-Americans in the United States during World War II.
d) planned murder of Jews, gypsies, communists, and others by the German government.

The direct cause of U.S. involvement in World War II was
a) Germany's invasion of Poland.
b) the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
c) Sinking of the Lusitania by Germany.
d) Italian mistreatment of foreign nationals by the US.

The Axis Powers in World War II included all of the following EXCEPT
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) Japan
d) Poland

Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed the date December 7, 1941, would live in infamy because it marked
a) the end of the Great Depression.
b) the end of his New Deal programs.
c) the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
d) the beginning of his third administration.

The Allied assault on German-occupied France in June of 1944 is known as
a) D-Day
b) VJ Day
c) Operation Barbarossa
d) Operation Market Garden

Which two countries were on the side of the United States in World War I but were enemies of the United States in World War II?
a) Italy and Japan
b) Russia and Italy
c) Germany and Japan
d) Austria and France

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