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What does synthesize mean?
a) Draw pictures
b) Write the paper
c) Credit your sources
d) Take Notes

Which search phrase is too specific?
a) Lincoln's favorite sweater
b) Lincoln's presidency
c) Lincoln's childhood
d) Lincoln's Assassination

Plagarism is
a) not crediting your sources
b) using quotation marks
c) using your own words
d) the latest game

Which source gives information about the location of different countries?
a) thesaurus
b) almanac
c) dictionary
d) atlas

When you summarize information, you write down...
a) dates
b) main idea
c) small details
d) statistics

Which source shows a word's etymology (history)?
a) dictionary
b) thesaurus
c) almanac
d) atlas

If researching 'student uniforms,' the best key words are...
a) Uniforms at School
b) Uniforms
c) Dress Codes
d) Student Dress

If researching 'cancer caused by smoking,' the best key words are...
a) cancer
b) smoking
c) cancer deaths
d) cancer and smoking

For recent information, the best print source is...
a) Book
b) Encyclopedia
c) Almanac
d) Magazine

Another name for a magazine is...
a) comic
b) periodical
c) paperback
d) little book

Which is a secondary source?
a) Personal Interview
b) Video of an Event
c) Diary or Journal
d) Article in a Newspaper

Which is a primary source?
a) TV News Report
b) Magazine Article
c) Interview with a WItness
d) Newspaper Article

Which can be a print source?
a) Internet Website
b) Encyclopedia
c) DVD
d) Online Database

Which graphic organizer shows main ieas and details
a) Venn
b) Brainstorming
c) T Chart
d) Outline

Which is an electronic resource?
a) Online Database
b) Almanac
c) Atlas
d) Dictionary

Which web address has information about the Benton Library?
c) www.fairfax/library

Which step is the first in the Info Management Process?
a) fill out a graphic organizer
b) list what you already know
c) use a search engine
d) take notes

Size and weight of a dog would belong in which category?
a) Personality requirements
b) Career requirements
c) Educational requirements
d) Physical requirements

If researching global warming, which topic is NOT needed?
a) Air Pollution
b) Climate Changes
c) Effects on Weather
d) Recycling Cans

When you find a book for your research, what's the first thing you should do?
a) Write down the source information
b) Check the index for key words
c) Copy pictures for the report
d) Begin reading the whole book

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