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change in frequency caused by the source of a sound moving
a) Doppler effect
b) fundamental frequency
c) natural frequency
d) reverberation

What is/are some possible cause(s) of hearing loss?
a) disease
b) age
c) exposure to loud sounds
d) all of the above

What part of the ear transmits sound energy in the form of electrical impulses to the brain?
a) inner ear
b) middle ear
c) outer ear
d) ear canal

What part of the ear collects sound waves and directs them into the ear canal?
a) middle ear
b) inner ear
c) outer ear
d) ear canal

What part of the ear vibrates the eardrum when sound reaches it?
a) outer ear
b) middle ear
c) inner ear
d) ear canal

Why are the walls or ceilings of most auditoriums curved or padded in some way?
a) to deflect sound away from the audience
b) to deflect sound around the audience
c) to deflect sound above the audience
d) to deflect sound towards the audience

Noise is a group of sounds with no regular ____________________.
a) pitch
b) overtone
c) pattern
d) frequency

Music is a group of sounds that have been deieberately produces to make a(n) _______________________
a) pattern
b) no pattern
c) irregular pattern
d) vibration

Sound is produced by something that _________________________.
a) vibrates
b) bends
c) curves
d) cpmpresses

As temperature increases, the speed of sound ______________.
a) decreases
b) stays the same
c) increases
d) both b and c

repeated echoes of sound
a) echo
b) overtone
c) reverberation
d) resonance

when an object begins vibrating because it absorbs energy from another vibrating object
a) reverberation
b) resonance
c) natural frequency
d) fundamental frequency

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