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Bleking step is done in both two four time signature and ____________?
a) Four four time
b) Six eigth time
c) Three four time
d) Nine eight time

Espunti is a dance with the use of pivot step. In what count you see this step?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 1
d) 2

The difference of and Engano close to Engano Waltz is a step after a close. This step is commonly found is what region in Philippines?
a) La union
b) Bicol
c) Cebu
d) Quezon

Cross step is done in a dance pattern of lose step cross. How will I count this dance pattern?
a) 1 and 2 and 3 and
b) 1 ah 2 ah
c) 123
d) 1234

5. This dance was originated in a Non-Christian culture that both of the feet is touching the flat surface?
a) Mincing
b) Papuri
c) Mazurka
d) Sagamantica

What is the time signature used in dancing step brush swing hop?
a) 123
b) 1234
c) 12345
d) 123456

7. This dance can be dance as well with the used of Sarok after a step sideward.
a) Change step
b) Bacui step
c) Close step
d) Bleking step

Change step is a dance step that has a time signature of a two four time and a countings of 1 2, What is the right dance pattern?
a) Change step point
b) Pivot turn
c) Point cross change
d) Change step

This dance step when executed in sideward the same foot us leading always.
a) Close step
b) Bleking step
c) Cross step
d) Cross waltz

In what preparational step in done in a cut step?
a) Foot in fourth front
b) Foot in diagonal right
c) Foot in second front
d) Foot together

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