Unit 12: It Takes Two Mixed Practice Question Preview (ID: 30656)

Greek And Latin Roots: Bi-, Du-, And Amphi/ambi-.

Which of these jobs requires someone who is bilingual?
a) interpreter
b) chef
c) teacher
d) baseball player

Which of the following is the best example of something that has dual purposes?
a) our school's cafeteria
b) our classroom
c) the grocery story
d) a school bus

Someone who is ambidextrous can _____.
a) use both hands equally well.
b) swim and run
c) hit a ball and pitch
d) write stories and do math

Something that can function on both land and in water.
a) amphibious
b) oceanic
c) aquatic
d) marine

Where might you find a duet?
a) stage
b) gymnasium
c) park
d) library

A synonym for biannual is _____.
a) semiannual
b) monthly
c) weekly
d) regularly

An antonym for ambiguous is ______ .
a) obvious
b) doubtful
c) questioning
d) puzzling

A building that is divided into two houses is a _____
a) duplex
b) apartment
c) skyscraper
d) igloo

A type of transportation that has two wheels and is pedaled.
a) bicycle
b) motorcycle
c) tricycle
d) skateboard

Which is a synonym for ambivalent?
a) precise
b) confused
c) definite
d) resolved

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