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Air as related to the speed of sound moves ______________ to _________________.
a) vertically and horizontally
b) right to left
c) left to right
d) both b and c

in air, the speed of sound is referred to as __________________.
a) 325 m/s
b) 340 m/s
c) 3,000,000 m/s
d) 2,000,000 m/s

The low density associated with a tuning fork is _______________________.
a) Doppler effect
b) rarefaction
c) frequency
d) compression

When two ends of a tuning fork move outward, it creates an area of ______________ density.
a) no
b) medium
c) low
d) high

When two ends of a tuning fork move inward, it creates an area of _____________ density.
a) no
b) medium
c) low
d) high

Sound waves are a collection of _________________ and _______________________.
a) mechanical and compression
b) compression and refraction
c) mechanical and rarefaction
d) compression and rarefaction

What types of waves have compression and rarefaction?
a) compressional waves
b) mechanical waves
c) electromagnetic waves
d) transverse waves

Destructive interference is when the ______________________ of one wave meets the ____________________ of another.
a) crest-to-crest and trough-to-trough
b) crest-to-trough and crest-trough
c) crest -to-trough
d) crest-to-crest

Which one of the following is NOT an example of an electromagnetic wave?
a) sound wave
b) x-rays
c) red light
d) gamma rays

What is the human perception of how much energy a sound wave carries called ?
a) frequency
b) pitch
c) loudness
d) amplitude

frequencies that are multiples of the fundamental frequency
a) resonance
b) pitch
c) natural frequencies
d) overtone

corresponds to the frequency of the sound: how high or low a sound sounds
a) pitch
b) overtone
c) resonance
d) beat

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