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______ is any push or pull that causes objects to stop, speed up,or slow down.
a) magnetism
b) friction
c) force
d) gravity

Which of the following contains two non-contact forces?
a) Gravity and magnetism
b) Gravity and friction
c) Friction and magentism
d) Force and friction

What is the name of the invisible that is only noticeable because of the large size of the object?
a) magnetism
b) friction
c) force
d) gravity

What is the name of the force that is caused by two surfaces rubbing together to produce heat?
a) magnetism
b) friction
c) force
d) gravity

Which force is needed to help stop a child from slipping on ice?
a) gravity
b) magnetism
c) force
d) friction

What is the most reasonable explanation for why a toy car travels further on a wood floor than on thick carpet.
a) The carpet has more friction to slow down the car.
b) The wood floor has more friction to speed up the car.
c) The surfaces are made of the same texture.
d) The surface allow the car to travel equal distance

What material should be used on a bicycle ramp to increase friction?
a) glass
b) ice
c) wood
d) carpet

Which of the following materials is magnetic?
a) wood
b) metal
c) silver
d) iron

When objects is not moving it is
a) unbalanced
b) balanced
c) gravity
d) matnetism

Pushing a wagon would be what type of force?
a) balanced
b) unbalanced
c) gravity
d) friction

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