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The major reason that Portugal and Spain established water routes to Asia’s spice markets was to
a) provide jobs for navigators, cartographers, and shipbuilders
b) A. experiment with new technology such as the astrolabe and sextant
c) C. avoid the overland routes that were controlled by Muslim and Italian traders
d) D. discover new continents, plants, and animals

On the journey taken by Christopher Columbus he sailed on what three ships?
a) Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
b) Barter, Pinta, Maria Santa
c) Nina, Pinta, Maria Santa
d) Barter, Pinta, Santa Maria

What devices made exploring the seas possible?
a) maps and rudders
b) speedometer and telescope
c) wheels and odometer
d) compass and astrolabe

The first known circumnavigation of the earth is associated with
a) Amerigo Vespucci.
b) Ferdinand Magellan.
c) John Cabot.
d) Christopher Columbus

Some historians have described the voyages of Columbus to the islands of the Caribbean as the beginning of an “American Holocaust,” what is meant by this statement?
a) Spanish explorers created a new way for the Europeans to view the world
b) Columbus his men brought the use of fire to the Americas
c) Spanish cruelty diseases decimated the Native American populations
d) e Spanish used silver from the Americas to finance a larger army navy

European explorers first set out upon the oceans because they wanted to
a) find alternate routes to Asian trade markets
b) experience new adventures in new lands.
c) adapt new ideas to their culture.
d) help the indigenous peoples.

Which became an additional reason for European exploration after the discovery of indigenous people in the New World?
a) spreading democracy
b) destroying their cultures
c) forcing the adoption of Islam
d) converting them to Christianity

Which Portuguese explorer is considered the first to reach India by sea?
a) Henry the Navigator
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Bartolomeu Dias
d) Vasco da Gama

Which European explorer was the first to reach the Indian Ocean by sailing around the southern tip of Africa?
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Ferdinand Magellan
c) Bartolomeu Dias
d) Vasco da Gama

Which European explorer attempted to find a western passage to Asia through a strait in South America?
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Francis Drake

Which European explorer has a privateer for Queen Elizabeth and raided Spanish gallons for their gold?
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Francis Drake

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