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A fever is a
a) Sign of a disease
b) Symptom of a disease
c) disease
d) Risk factor for a disease

The risk factors of age, gender, and race are
a) Not important for most diseases
b) Not under your control
c) Under your control
d) Choices you make

Obesity is
a) A risk factor for many dieases
b) Weighing at least 20 percent mor than your recommended weight
c) A health problem
d) All of the above

An example of a noninfectious disease is
a) A cold
b) Asthma
c) The flu
d) All of the above

Noninfectious disease can be caused by
a) Injury
b) Poor nutrition
c) Lifestyle choices
d) All of the above

What causes hereditary diseases?
a) Changes in the structure of genes or chromosomes
b) Infection
c) Malnutrition
d) None of the above

Early detection and treatment of hereditary disease
a) Can allow the disease to be cured
b) Is not possible in most cases
c) Is not useful
d) Can help reduce symptoms of some hereditary diseases

PKU can be treated with
a) Antibiotics
b) A low-protein diet
c) Breathing treatments
d) None of the above

What is a symptom of cystic fibrosis
a) Breathing problems
b) Misshapen blood cells
c) Learning challenges
d) All of the above

Which disease is caused by having all or part of an extra chromosome 21
a) Sickle cell disease
b) Cystic fibrosis
c) Breast cancer
d) Down syndrom

A metabolic disease
a) Prevents your body from using one or more nutrients
b) Can be hereditary
c) Can be caused by drugs or medication
d) All of the above

Which of the following can result from an unhealthy diet
a) Malnutrition
b) Improved health
c) Rickets
d) Bot (a) and (c)

What causes rickets
a) Too little vitamin D
b) Too much vitamin D
c) Too little vitamin A
d) Too much vitamin A

Too much stored fat can lead to
a) PKU
b) Blindness
c) Obesity
d) Liver disease

One cause of blindness may be
a) Too little vitamin D
b) Too much vitamin D
c) Too little vitamin A
d) Too much vitamin A

What causes allergies
a) Automobile and bicycle accidents
b) Injury to the brain
c) Malnutrition and chocolate
d) Overreaction of the immune system to something usually harmless

Most allergies and autoimmune diseases
a) Cannot be prevented
b) Can be treated with medicine
c) Are at least partially caused by genetic factors
d) All of the above

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