Unit 9: Cotton Cattle And Railroads Question Preview (ID: 30597)


How does the climate affect economic development in West Texas?
a) The region is too dry to support farming so ranching became more prominent.
b) Constant threats of large thunderstorms make it difficult to farm in this area.
c) The arid humid conditions made the region perfect for establishing cotton farms.
d) Hurricanes damaged farms and railroads built in the area so few businesses located there.

What was the first Cattle Trail?
a) Goodnight Loving Trail
b) Shawnee
c) Western
d) Chisholm

What was the major cash crop of Texas
a) corn
b) cotton
c) wheat
d) squash

The range wars of the late 1800s in Texas were caused by —
a) sharecroppers claiming public lands
b) ranchers fencing land with barbed wire and farmers fencing in water access
c) immigrants moving onto lands in West Texas
d) railroad companies building on American Indian lands

What were Cowboys most afraid of on a cattle drive?
a) possible stampedes
b) Indian raids
c) outlaws
d) river crossings

What culture immigrated to Texas the most during 1880 and 1900.
a) Indians
b) African-American
c) Mexicans
d) Germans

In which region of Texas was most of the cotton industry located?
a) Panhandle
b) East Texas
c) Coastal Plains
d) Mountains and Basins

One way that Governor James Hogg worked to protect Texans from unfair business practice was by —
a) prosecuting corrupt leaders in the oil industry
b) working to bring an end to the range wars in West Texas
c) signing legislation that established the Attorney General’s office
d) supporting the creation of the Texas Railroad Commission

What invention ended the Wild West?
a) Barbed Wire
b) Colt Peacemaker
c) Steam Engine
d) Oil

Which means of transportation did NOT contribute to the urbanization of Texas in the late 1800s?
a) automobiles
b) horses
c) railroads
d) steamboats

Barbed ended the need for what job
a) drovers on a cattle drive
b) Indian hunters
c) Coal mining
d) Blacksmiths

Which of the following helped the ranching industry in Texas?
a) Farming
b) Trade
c) Wagon
d) Railroad

How did the end of the Civil War affect the cattle industry?
a) Much of the land used for grazing was destroyed in the war.
b) The demand for beef in the East brought rapid growth to the industry.
c) Farmers had to move west and take land needed for grazing.
d) The loss in the Confederacy brought many cowboys to the cattle industry.

Between 1880 and 1900 people immigrated to Texas because of cheap land and ___________________?
a) Increased investment in schools
b) Building a fort in West Texas
c) Demand for beef in eastern states
d) Introduction of new cattle breeds

Which of the following is not true about Quanah Parker
a) Last Chief of the Comanche
b) Son of a captured white woman
c) Assimilated to white culture
d) Spent his entire life rejecting white culture

Cattle drives and the Indian Wars occurred during what time period in Texas History
a) 1700-1770
b) 1800-1860
c) 1860-1900
d) 1900-1942

During the years 1880 and 1900 what drastically changed the life of the American Indians
a) Tribes were removed to reservations.
b) Tribes switched to farming after the buffalo herds disappeared.
c) Many tribes experienced drought and famine.
d) Many tribes moved westward to find buffalo.

What is a Buffalo Soldiers?
a) African-American who fought against Native Americans
b) African-American rancher
c) Indian Trader
d) African- American tenant farmer

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