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What is your favorite teachers name?
a) Ms. Vavra
b) Mr. Potato Head
c) The Giver
d) Ms. Pizza

Why did Jonas feel uncomfortable listening to all the Twelves about their first day of training?
a) because he was mad at them
b) because he was not allowed to talk about his first day
c) because he didn't feel like it
d) because they were too loud

What dream did Jonas have that felt good?
a) sledding
b) eating
c) swimming
d) biking

What was the second memory Jonas was given?
a) changing a diaper
b) taking a bath
c) sunshine

How did the sun hurt Jonas?
a) He got a sunburn
b) His eyes burnt
c) He was tired

What is the new name of the old Receiver of Memory?
a) Old Man
b) Elder
c) The Giver
d) Mr. Ford

For the first time, Jonas experienced the feel of __________.
a) rain
b) snow
c) fur
d) wood

What did The Giver transmit to Jonas?
a) A cold
b) Memories
c) Pain
d) His Bike

What was the first memory Jonas Received?
a) Dogs barking
b) Snow
c) Warmth
d) Swimming

What essential attributes did the Receiver need?
a) Wisdom, Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, Capacity to See Beyond
b) Love, Money, Strength
c) Nothing

When Jonas saw changes, it was called the _________________.
a) Ultra Vision
b) Miracle Worker
c) Capacity to See Beyond

How did Jonas feel when they skipped his number during the ceremony?
a) Embarrased
b) Angry
c) Tired
d) Cold

As the new Receiver, Jonas could now ___________.
a) sing
b) dance
c) walk
d) lie

What job did Jonas get assigned?
a) Nurturer
b) Birthmother
c) Receiver of Memory
d) Drone Pilot

Why did Jonas think he was skipped in the Ceremony?
a) They forgot his number
b) He wasn't 12 yet
c) He did something wrong
d) He fell alseep

If you wanted to leave the community, where would you go?
a) Another Community
b) Heavan
c) Nowhere
d) Elsewhere

Why did Jonas get so upset during the Ceremony of Twelve?
a) He was given a job he didn't want
b) They skipped his number
c) No reason
d) He saw a friend

What did Jonas have to take to stop the dreams?
a) A bath
b) Milk
c) A pill
d) Water

What did Mother say Jonas' dreams were called?
a) A bad dream
b) Rules
c) Stirrings

What dream did Jonas tell his family about?
a) Talking to an elephant
b) Giving Fiona a bath
c) Falling
d) Eating a big ice-cream cone

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