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Which of these countries does the Nile flow through?
a) Nigeria
b) South Africa
c) Ghana
d) Egypt

The system of laws created to enforce racial segregation in South Africa was known as:
a) Nonviolent resistance
b) Pan-Africanism
c) Nationalism
d) Apartheid

What is a community of people sharing a common culture, ancestry, language, and traditions known as?
a) a religious group
b) an ethnic group
c) a nomadic group
d) a caste

Why is Africa affected by the AIDS epidemic more than the other continents?
a) Africa has the biggest population, so more people are affected
b) Africa needs more money for education and prevention programs
c) Africa has the largest land mass
d) Africa has the warmest climate

The economies of South Africa and Nigeria are:
a) mixed
b) traditional
c) command
d) market

Who was the first president of Kenya and is known as the father of Kenya?
a) Joseph Mobutu
b) Jomo Kenyatta
c) Nelson Mandela
d) Julius Nyere

Which South African president helped bring an end to apartheid?
a) Joseph Mobutu
b) Jomo Kenyatta
c) Julius Nyere
d) F.W. de Klerk

This country has lots of oil, but its people are very poor:
a) Kenya
b) South Africa
c) Mali
d) Nigeria

Nigeria is a member of this organization, which is responsible for the regulation of much of the world's oil supply and price structure

The goal of the Pan-African movement was to:
a) Abolish the slave trade in Africa
b) Elect democratic leaders in Africa
c) Unite Africans to solve Africa's problems
d) Create more jobs in Africa

Who was arrested and imprisoned for resisting apartheid?
a) Nelson Mandela
b) F.W. de Klerk
c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
d) Winnie Mandela

Apartheid separated whites and nonwhites in what country?
a) Kenya
b) Nigeria
c) South Africa
d) Sudan

In 1963, Kenya achieved independence from:
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Spain
d) Denmark

More than 250 ethnic groups make up this country and clashes between them led to civil war there until a democracy was established in 1999.
a) Kenya
b) Nigeria
c) South Africa
d) Rwanda

What country was formed in 2011 after it split from the Arabic speaking, Islamic north section of the country?
a) South Africa
b) South Sudan
c) South America
d) South Kenya

Who was the first black president and first democratically elected president of South Africa?
a) Mansa Musa
b) Nelson Mandela
c) Zara Yakob
d) F.W. de Klerk

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