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In the beginning of The Ravine, Vinny's character is
a) shy
b) anxious
c) reluctant
d) brave

How does Vinny's character devlop in The Ravine?
a) from worried to at peace
b) from axious to regretful
c) from worried to excited
d) from terrified to joyful

And it was wet and muddy from little rivulets of water that bled from the side of the cliff. Rivulets means
a) ponds
b) streams
c) trickles
d) pools

Which vovabulary word goes with edge?
a) gnarly
b) rivulet
c) casacde
d) precipice

Vinny winced. He didn't want to be here. It was too soon, way too soon. Winced means
a) cried
b) flinched
c) shouted
d) announced

Her blond hair sleeked back like river grass. This is an example of
a) a simile
b) a metaphor
c) personification
d) an idiom

...where there was nothing but a few plants...plants that would rip right out of the ground... plants that wouldn't stop you if you fell. WHat mood do these lines create?
a) excitement
b) chaos
c) adventure
d) danger

We weren't lookin' for no trouble. How could you rewrite this sentence?
a) We weren't lookin' for any trouble.
b) We wasn't looking for any trouble.
c) We weren't looking for any trouble.
d) We aren'y looking for and trouble.

AT the end ofthe story The Ravine, how does the reader know Vinny is not going to jump?
a) He looks at the sunset.
b) He spits out the leaf.
c) He breathed deeply.
d) He looked down at Starlene and Joe-Boy.

Why is the setting important to the story The Ravine?
a) It creates danger.
b) It creates adventure.
c) It creates mystery
d) It creates suspense.

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