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_____________ is required in Australia when you turn the age of 18.
a) Driving
b) Joining the military
c) Voting
d) Community service

This person is the head of government in Australia
a) Prime Minister
b) Legislature
c) British Monarch
d) None of these

This person is the head of the state in Australia and has no real power
a) Prime Minister
b) Legislature
c) British Monarch
d) None of these

This person is elected/approved by the legislature in Australia
a) Prime Minister
b) Legislature
c) British Monarch
d) None of these

This person is elected by the people of Australia.
a) Prime Minister
b) Legislature
c) British Monarch
d) None of these

What impact did English colonization have on the language and religion of modern Australia?
a) Half of the population speaks English and most Australians practice Roman Catholicism
b) English is the official language of Australia and most Australians practice Scientology
c) English is the official language and most Australians are Roman Catholic or Anglican
d) Australia only allows English speakers to migrate to Australia most Australians are Anglican

At first the British and Aboriginal relationship was a positive one
a) True
b) False

Which of the following did not have a negative impact on the Aborigines?
a) European diseases killed nearly half of the population
b) Many Aborigines were killed in battles with the British
c) Almost all of the Aboriginal population was sold into slavery
d) Aborigines who survived lived in extreme poverty and lower class status

Why were the British so interested in colonizing Australia?
a) It could serve as a penal colony
b) It could serve as a strong naval base in the Pacific
c) It made trade with eastern countries easier
d) All of these answers are correct

Shortly after the British discover Australia they ___________.
a) Send slaves to farm the land
b) Send prisoners to start a penal colony
c) Send their military to wipe out the Aborigines
d) Send missionaries to try and convert the Aborigines to Christianity

What type of government would the Aborigines have used?
a) Autocracy (with a chief)
b) Oligarchy (A group of elders)
c) Democracy (tribe members would vote)
d) It would vary from tribe to tribe

How do historians believe the Aborigines came to the continent of Australia?
a) By boat from southern California
b) By land or by boat from southwest Asia
c) Brought their by Europeans as slaves
d) By boat from east Africa

What type of economy would the Aborigines have used?
a) Traditional
b) Market
c) Command
d) Mixed Market

Who were believed to be the first people (Indigenous people) to settle Australia?
a) The Egyptians
b) The Spanish
c) The Aztec
d) The Aborigines

What sea can be found far off the Northeast coast of Australia?
a) The Black Sea
b) The Coral Sea
c) The Mediterranian Sea
d) The Caspian Sea

Australia lies between which two oceans?
a) Atlantic and Pacific
b) Indian and Pacific
c) Atlantic and Indian
d) Pacific and Arctic

What large rock structure could be found in the center of Australia?
a) Ayer's Rock or Uluru
b) Stonehenge
c) Machu Picchu
d) Mount Rushmore

What physical feature can you find in the Southwest corner of Australia?
a) The Baja Desert
b) The Great Victoria Desert
c) The Sahara Desert
d) The Atacama Desert

What rare natural wonder can be found off of the Northeast coast of Australia?
a) The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef
b) The Red Sea Reef
c) Great Barrier Reef
d) Andros Barrier Reef

23. Entrepreneurs find a lot of success in Australia’s economy because ___________________.
a) a. Entrepreneurs are given money from the government whether their businesses succeed or fail
b) b. Australia’s government recruits the best entrepreneurs from around the world to live in Australia
c) c. Australia’s government makes starting a business easy and there are many laws to protect entrepreneurs
d) d. Australia’s economy is so strong that it is nearly impossible for any new business to fail

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