Unit 4 Test: Voices And Viewpoints Question Preview (ID: 30379)

Part 1 Of Unit 4 Test.

In Invictus, the speaker suggests that the most important thing a person can control is
a) death.
b) sense of humor.
c) attitude.
d) horror.

What kind of sound do the rhyme and meter in The Rainy Day combine to create?
a) educated, smart
b) rhythmic, straightforward
c) complex, hard to predict
d) energetic, jazzy

The mood of We Real Cool might best be described as
a) imposing.
b) hopeful.
c) exhilarated.
d) rebellious.

The image of rivers in The Negro Speaks of Rivers is effective because
a) the rivers are associated with the collective voice.
b) the rivers were created by African Americans.
c) the poet shows how the survival of his people is like the long life of the rivers.
d) the reader recognizes that the poet is intelligent.

How do the speakers in both The Rainy Day and Invictus face challenges in the end?
a) by keeping a hopeful attitude
b) by giving up on better days
c) by drawing on financial resources
d) by relying on the love of others

In Sonnet 29, how is the love of the speaker's beloved symbolized?
a) Though he is physically poor, he is wealthy because of his love.
b) His beloved is like a lark that sings.
c) She is as beautiful as a summer's day.
d) While he is living, he will write poetry about her for others to read.

If he could, the speaker in Mending Wall would
a) tear down the wall and get closer to his neighbor.
b) buy his neighbor's property.
c) purchase several cows.
d) ignore his neighbor altogether.

What encourages the speaker in The Rainy Day?
a) He is able to make a new friend.
b) He recalls that the sun shines even behind clouds.
c) He sees new grass growing.
d) A friend asks about his troubles.

In Invictus, the speaker thinks that the most important goal in life is
a) to be free from suffering and pain.
b) to be master of a sailing ship.
c) to act independently and control one's life.
d) to believe in God.

In what way are the speakers in both Shakespearean sonnets similar?
a) They are both in love.
b) They both speak critically.
c) They both have the advantage of wealth.
d) They have both suffered misfortunes.

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