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Matt and Katie were exploring a pond. Buried in the soil near an evergreen tree was a rock covered in moss and a cluster of mushrooms. Katie lifted the rock to reveal a small nest with mole droppings. What is being described?
a) abiotic
b) community
c) habitat
d) ecosystem

When distinguishing a male milkweed bug abdomen to that of a female milkweed bug the marking show the following.
a) A female and male milkweed bug both have two spots.
b) A male milkweed bug has one stripe and two spots.
c) A female milkweed bug has one stripe and two spots.
d) A male milkweed bug has longer stripes.

When differentiating between a male milkweed bug and a female milkweed bug there are marked differences in _______.
a) Size- A male and female milkweed bug are the same in size.
b) Size- The size of a milkweed bug is determined upon genetics of the family.
c) Size- A male milkweed bug is larger than a female milkweed bug.
d) Size- A female milkweed bug is larger than a male milkweed bug.

A dead robin is being consumed by bacteria, this represents a ______________.
a) decomposer
b) consumer
c) food web
d) producer

If an organism is able to make its own food through photosynthesis, this can be classified as a _____________.
a) food chain
b) consumer
c) decomposer
d) producer

Decide which of the following shows indication of a complete food web
a) Each level equally feeds one another
b) A consumer feeds into the producer level
c) Producer feeds a secondary consumer, who then feeds a primary consumer, followed by a tertiary consumer.
d) Producer feeds a primary consumer, who then feeds a secondary consumer, then a tertiary consumer. All levels feed decomposer

Observing the Mono Lake ecosystem chose one direct predator to the brine shrimp
a) Algae
b) Coyotes
c) Brine Fly
d) Phalaropes

Identify the following feeding relationship: Algae --Brine Shrimp--California Gull--- Coyote
a) Ecosystem
b) Food Chain
c) Food Web
d) Consumer

Where an organism lives- the place where it can meet all of its requirements for life.
a) habitat
b) abiotic
c) population
d) community

Observe an environment that shows evidence of butterflies, birds, and trees. What is being described?
a) Habitat
b) Organism
c) Population
d) Community

A ________ can be described as an individual
a) grasses
b) rocks
c) goat
d) ducks

What three things compiled together are classified as a living element?
a) wind, bird, snake
b) butterfly, clouds, desert
c) sun, mouse, flower
d) tree, snail, grass

A kind of organism that is different from all other kinds of organisms.
a) organism
b) species
c) habitat
d) biotic

What category do these items belong in : rock, clouds, and sun?
a) species
b) abiotic
c) population
d) organism

How are dogs, gulls, trout, and bears alike in their own ecosystem?
a) Populations
b) Abiotic
c) Community
d) Species

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