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Which is a major cause of conflict and discord in present-day Russia?
a) Russian patriots want to expand into Central Asia
b) Business owners in Russia object to communism.
c) Chechen nationalists seek independence.
d) In the Baltic states, Russian minorities demand Russian aid

The movement that called for the return of the Jews to their homeland is referred to as
a) Diaspora
b) Palestine Liberation Organization
c) Zionism
d) Arab-Israeli War

Which of the following does not describe Nationalism
a) The Palestinian people feel they should have their own government and nation-state
b) The citizens of France feel their country is the very best country in the world
c) Israeli soldiers defending their country when invaded by Arab country’s during the 6-day war
d) The American people felt their nation was so good they had a right to take over all territory from the Pacific to the Atla

The goal of the Palestine Liberation Organization is to
a) Liberate Arabs from Israeli Concentration Camps
b) Regain Arab land for Palestinians in Israel
c) Regain Jewish land from Arabs in Israel
d) Spread Communism throughout the Middle East

A stateless nation refers to
a) A state or country without any inhabitants
b) A state or country without a dominant religious group
c) A nation of people without a territory or land to occupy
d) A nation of people who only occupy half of their land

All of the following political systems would be considered Unlimited governments except:
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) Totalitarian Dictatorship
c) Absolute Monarchy
d) Military Dictatorship

The U.S. and Canadian border is an example of
a) A natural boundary created by a mountain range
b) A natural boundary created by a river.
c) An artificial boundary created by political agreements
d) An artificial boundary created by warfare between Canada and the U.S

The primary purposes of government include all of the following except
a) Maintain social order
b) Provide school tution
c) Supply public services
d) Ensure national security

Limited government systems refer to a system where
a) the leaders have complete control over the population
b) individuals have complete control and there is no formal government
c) the government has limited powers
d) the population is only able to participate in the government at certain times of the year

Americans putting the bumper sticker “We Support our Troops” is an example of
a) Sovereignty
b) Nationalism
c) Patriotism
d) Territorialism

In which example did nationalism most clearly affect public policy
a) European countries signed the Maastrich Treaty to create the European Union
b) British citizens refused to join other European nations in adopting the Euro.
c) Countries around the world donated relief aid when a tsunami struck Indonesia and Thailand
d) Texas now mandates that an End-of-Course Test be given in world geography

All of the following are true of the Indo-Pakistani conflict except:
a) The dispute has led to the threat of nuclear war between the two countries.
b) The dispute ended in 1998
c) The dispute began with the partitioning of India by the British in 1947
d) Many Indians and Pakistanis are suffering due to the financial burden of this

All of the following resulted from the partitioning of India except:
a) Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan and became independent
b) Nepal became part of India
c) Pakistan became independent
d) Conflict over the region of Kashmir erupted between India and Pakistan

Which of the following is not a cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict?
a) Both sides are fighting for control of the land of Israel/Palestine
b) Each of the three major monotheistic religions of the world have important sites in the region and they all want control
c) The control of the oil reserves in Israel/Palestine
d) Both sides have a some point in time controlled the area

Which of the following factors has most affected Poland’s shifting borders?
a) Size: Poland is the smallest country in Europe
b) Shape: Poland is fragmented into North and South
c) Location: Poland is a landlocked country in the east and west.
d) Natural Resources: Poland is protected by several mountain ranges

The Iraqi and Saudi Arabian border is an example of
a) A natural boundary created by a mountain range.
b) A natural boundary created by a river.
c) A natural boundary created by the Red Sea.
d) An artificial boundary created by political agreements.

An important effect of mountain ranges, large rivers, and ocean coastlines on a country has often been
a) growth in available fertile land
b) encouragement of cultural convergence
c) formation of the country’s borders
d) promotion of a democratic form of government

Which characteristics are shared by the political cultures of the United States, Great Britain and Mexico?
a) a union of political and religious authority
b) a hereditary monarch
c) a totalitarian government
d) a democratically elected national legislature

A theocratic government is often characterized by
a) the existence of multiple political parties
b) censorship, religious laws, and repression
c) a written constitution
d) direct elections for governmental decisions

Which citizenship practice best characterizes a dictatorship?
a) voting to elect those opposed to the dictator
b) attending demonstrations to show support of the government
c) writing letters to newspapers attacking government policies
d) joining a political party opposed to the government

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