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The Periodic Table is a list of what?
a) Elements
b) Chemicals
c) Compounds
d) Mixtures

How many elements are on the Periodic Table?
a) 200
b) 10
c) 118
d) 49

Who organized the Periodic Table?
a) Sir Isaac Newton
b) Dmitri Mendeleev
c) Albert Einstein
d) Madame Curie

The Periodic Table is divided into what?
a) Acids and Bases
b) Neutrons and Protons
c) Boys and Girls
d) Periods and Groups

What type of elements make up most of the Periodic Table?
a) Actinides
b) Metals
c) Gases
d) Lanthanides

Which would you NOT find on the Periodic Table of the Elements?
a) Iron
b) Mercury
c) Steel
d) Helium

What are the Atomic Symbols for Copper, Iron and Gold?
a) Cu, Fe, and Au
b) Cu, Ir, and G
c) Co, Ir, and Ag
d) C, I, and G

Hydrogen's Atomic Number is 1. What does this mean?
a) It is the best element.
b) It was the first element discovered.
c) It has 1 proton and 1 electron.
d) It has 1 neutron.

Why is Lead's chemical symbol Pb?
a) It stands for its Latin meaning - Plumbum.
b) You spread peanut butter on bread with a lead knife.
c) Mendeleev did not know how to spell Lead.
d) There already was a chemical symbol that started with L.

Which group is Helium in?
a) Metals
b) Metalloids
c) Noble Gases
d) Lanthanides

What group is Lithium in?
a) Nobel Gases
b) Metals
c) Metalloids
d) Alkali Metals

Which group is Iodine in?
a) Metals
b) Halogens
c) Lanthanides
d) Actinides

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