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Before _____ became available, animals had to be shipped live to slaughter houses and those slaughterhouses had to be near markets in order to avoid the meat spoiling.
a) refrigeration
b) Mifflin Kenedy
c) cotton

While many ranchers of the 1800s grazed their cattle on the open range, Richard King and _____ were among the first ranchers to fence their land.
a) Mifflin Kenedy
b) refrigeration
c) Joseph Glidden

_____ paid careful attention to cattle breeding and improved his herds, making his beef cattle some of the best in the United States.
a) Charles Goodnight
b) Matador Ranch
c) Joseph Glidden
d) Mifflin Kenedy

The _____, one of the largest in Texas, was owned in part by investors from Great Britain.
a) Matador Ranch
b) Charles Goodnight
c) XIT Ranch

The 3 million acres of the _____ came from a grant from the state of Texas to the ranch's owners in exchange for their financing of a new state capitol building in Austin.
a) XIT Ranch
b) mustangs
c) Matador Ranch

Wild horses called _____ roamed freely on the open range and banded together to form wild herds.
a) mustangs
b) XIT Ranch
c) refrigeration

Texas sheep rancher _____ was a pioneer in raising sheep for their wool and is regarded by some as the father of the Texas sheep industry.
a) George Wilkins Kendall
b) Joseph Glidden
c) Mifflin Kenedy

_____ invented the most successful type of barbed-wire.
a) Joseph Glidden
b) George Wilkins Kendall
c) Mifflin Kenedy

In 1884 the Texas legislature passed a law that made _____ a felony.
a) fence cutting
b) drift fences
c) refrigeration

Thousands of cattle died due to _____ during the winters of 1885 and 1887.
a) drift fences
b) fence cutting
c) refrigeration

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