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The law of interaction or action-reaction is better known as Newton's ____ Law of Motion.
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

Calculate the speed of a cheetah who runs 35 meters in 7 seconds.
a) 39 m/s
b) 245 m/s
c) 5 m/s
d) 28 m/s

The gravitational force between objects depends on ____.
a) the mass of the objects
b) the distance between the objects
c) the mass of the objects and the distance between the objects
d) the time it takes to move from one object to the next

The law of inertia is associated with Newton's ___ Law of Motion.
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

A moped, which is out of gas, has a mass of 100 kg is being pushed by its owner at an acceleration of 0.2 m/s^2. How much force is being applied to make the moped move?
a) 100 N
b) 2 N
c) 20 N
d) 102 N

The law of acceleration uses the formula f = ma. It is also known as Newton's ____ Law of Motion.
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

Which force does not cause a change in motion?
a) unbalanced force
b) friction
c) gravity
d) balanced force

Rolling, fluid and sliding are types of ____ friction
a) net
b) static
c) kinetic
d) force

On a distance-time graph, a horizontal slope indicates ___.
a) no motion, at rest
b) constant speed
c) constant acceleration
d) time has stopped

All objects in the universe atrract each other through gravitational force is an overview for ____.
a) Newton's First Law of Motion
b) Newton's Second Law of Motion
c) Newton's Third Law of Motion
d) Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

____ is the force that opposes motion.
a) Momentum
b) Velocity
c) Friction
d) Acceleration

You would weigh more on Jupiter than on the Earth. What is the cause for the change in weight?
a) you have more mass on Jupiter
b) the gravitational pull of the Earth is greater than Jupiter
c) the gravitational pull of Jupiter is greater than the Earth
d) the statement is false. Weight is constant.

The mass of a rocket on Earth is 300 kg. The rocket goes to the moon, what happens to the mass?
a) the mass increases
b) the mass decreases
c) the mass remains the same
d) the mass depends on the gravity

Your feet pushes down on the floor and the floor pushes up at your feet as you walk. This is an example of Newton's ___Law of Motion
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

In a game of tug of war, Team Dog is pulling the rope at a force of 50 N to the right. Team Cat is pulling the rope at a force of 25 N to the left. Calculate the net force.
a) 50 N right
b) 25 N right
c) 25 N left
d) 75 N left

Which is an example of velocity?
a) 4 m/s
b) 3 m/s/s
c) 7 m East
d) 7 m/s East

Which object has more momentum?
a) A mouse sitting still
b) An elephant sitting still
c) A mouse running 1 m/s
d) An elephant running 5 m/s

A bowling ball hits the pins, sending the pins flying for a strike. This is an example of Newton's ____ Law of Motion.
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

What is the factor(label) on the y-axis, when illustrating acceleration?
a) velocity (m/s)
b) distance (m)
c) time (s)
d) acceleration (m/s^2)

____ is when an object changes position in a certain amount of time in relation to a reference point.
a) Speed
b) Velocity
c) Acceleration
d) Motion

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