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The difference between territorial seas rule and the exclusive econmic zone is...
a) Territory is 200 miles and eez is 12 miles
b) Territory is 12 miles and eez is 200 miles
c) Territory is 100 miles and eez is 200 miles
d) Territory is 200 miles and eez is 100 miles

In what order are boundaries created?
a) defined, demarcated, delimted
b) delimited, demarcated, defined
c) defined, delimited, demarcated
d) Demarcated, delimited, defined

Which of the following might cause the most problems and is almost always a centrifugal force?
a) leadership
b) ideology
c) language
d) tribulation

The European Nations is illustrative of which geographic concept?
a) regionalism
b) nationalism
c) supranationalism
d) interventionism

Which of these is usually NOT a centripetal force?
a) Multiple languages
b) A charismatic leader
c) common religion
d) an external threat

Gerrymandering has been most used for all of the following EXCEPT:
a) attempt to make elective bodies look more like the general population
b) creation of majority-minority districts of racial/ethnic minorities
c) means to help voters decide which political party to endorse
d) gain an advantage for one political party over another

South AFrica is BEST described by which territorial morphology?
a) fragmented
b) perforated
c) elongated
d) proruppted

Which country would most accurately satisfy the definition of a nation-state?
a) Iceland
b) Mexico
c) United States
d) South Africa

In which of the following state morphologies is internal circulation/transportation/contact or other friction of distance issue most likely to be a major problem?
a) fragmented
b) compact
c) perforated
d) enclave

Which of the following usually does NOT act as a centrifugal force for a state?
a) linguistic homogeniality
b) uneven economic development
c) long tradition of local governance
d) sub-state nationalism

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