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List the Earth's oceans in order from largest to smallest
a) Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic
b) Atlantic, Pacific, Southern, Indian, Arctic
c) Arctic, Southern, Indian, Atlantic, Pacific
d) Southern, Indian, Pacific Arctic, Atlantic

What is the name of the one ocean that existed back in the days of Pangaea?
a) Pandora
b) Pancake Cobra
c) Panthalassa
d) Panteen

The longer it takes sound from SONAR to return to a ship...
a) the closer the object.
b) the deeper the water.
c) it has gotten lost into the sea.
d) the more shallow the water.

The continental margin consists of...
a) continental shelf.
b) continental slope.
c) continental rise.
d) all of the above.

The deep ocean basin consists of the abyssal plain, mid-ocean ridges, rift valleys and...
a) ocean trenches.
b) continental slope.
c) volcanoes.
d) continental shelf.

A chain of mountains that runs through the three major oceans and is where sea-floor spreading takes place.
a) deep ocean trenches
b) abyssal plain
c) continental shelf
d) mid-ocean ridges

Underwater mountains formed by erupting volcanoes.
a) mid-ocean ridges
b) rift valley
c) seamount
d) continental rise

A flat area of the ocean floor, covered with sand, mud and plant/animal remains.
a) abyssal plain
b) rift valley
c) continental shelf
d) seamount

A submerged area that rims the land, beginning at the shoreline and gently sloping underwater to an average depth of about 430 feet.
a) continental slope
b) abyssal plain
c) continental shelf
d) rift valley

Long, narrow, steep sided valleys that forms the deepest parts of the ocean.
a) rift valley
b) abyssal plain
c) mid-ocean ridges
d) deep ocean trenches

A measure of the amount of dissolved salts in a given amount of liquid is called _______.
a) salinity
b) density
c) temperature
d) volume

True or False? Climate and water movement are two factors responsible for differences in the salinity of ocean water.
a) True
b) False

_____________ is the most abundant dissolved salt in the ocean water.
a) sodium oxide
b) sodium carbonide
c) sodium phosphate
d) sodium chloride

As water gets denser, how does it move?
a) It remains at the surface of the ocean.
b) It goes to the middle of the ocean.
c) It moves toward the bottom of the ocean floor.

What process in the water cycle increases the salinity of the ocean water?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) infiltration

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