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Designing exterior space surrounding a home is called ____________________.
a) landscaping
b) gardening
c) site preparation
d) tree planting

A lintel is a _____________________.
a) vertical post to support a floor
b) horizontal beam support or post
c) prefabricated wallframe
d) vertical post used to support a floor

What a house is built upon.
a) foundation
b) footing
c) building site
d) subfloor

Vapor barrier in a wall or ceiling _______________.
a) reduces heat loss.
b) reduces the passage of moisture.
c) provides insulation.
d) covers the inside of walls.

The purpose of insulation is to ________________________.
a) prevent passage of water vapor
b) cover interior of walls
c) strengthen walls
d) resist heat transmission

Prefabrication of a house includes:
a) building parts of a house in a factory and moving the parts to the building site for final assembly
b) built on site
c) delays due to weather
d) both 1 and 2

Which of the following is used to support a roof?
a) roof truss
b) joist (support floor)
c) interior surface
d) wall stud

a) f

Which of the following is used to prepare a framework or wall and partitions?
a) vapor barrier
b) wall stud
c) interior wall surface
d) insulation

Which are involved in planning, selecting, and acquiring the site?
a) going into contract
b) f
c) site preparation
d) all of the above

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