Excell Lesson 6 (Part 2) Question Preview (ID: 30074)

Formatting Cells And Ranges-Part 2.

Contains additional number formats specific to your country. In the United States, there are four (Zip Code, Zip Code+4, Phone Number, and Social Security Number); in Canada, there are two (Phone Number and Social Insurance Number); in most other cou
a) Paste Special
b) Special Formatting
c) Number Format
d) General Format

This format displays days, months, and years in the mm/dd/yyyy style by default.
a) Long Date
b) Today Function
c) Short Date
d) Now Function

Where do you go to change the vertical alignment of a cell's contents?
a) View tab, alignment group
b) Home tab, Editing group
c) Page Setup dialog box and select Alignment tab
d) Format cells dialog box and select the Alignment tab

When you enter numbers, the content is ______________aligned by default.
a) Right
b) Left
c) Center
d) Justified

What group on the home ribbon do you find the command to insert or delete cells in your spreadsheet?
a) Number
b) Styles
c) Cells
d) Editing

What command do you use to apply a background color to cells in a worksheet?
a) Font color
b) Line color
c) Borders
d) Fill color

Cheyanna notices that the data in cell E4 reads #######. What command could she choose to correct this problem?
a) Autofit
b) Merge
c) Split
d) Delete

On what ribbon can you find the command to apply a fill color to a cell or range of cells in a worksheet?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Page Layout
d) View

Which quick-number style button formats numbers to display as currency in the worksheet? *Hint: This format left-aligns the dollar sign in each cell.
a) Currency
b) Accounting
c) Number
d) General

Kathryn needs the title in cell A1 to align horizontally across cells A1 through D1. Which alignment option should she select?
a) Merge
b) Center
c) Merge and Center
d) Split

Which dialog box contains the commands to specify an exact date and time format to use for a selected cell in a worksheet?
a) Page Setup
b) Settings
c) Format Cells
d) Clipboard

You would like to outline the cell range A1:F20. Which formatting style should you select?
a) Fill color
b) Font color
c) Styles
d) Borders

Jacob would like to apply a rule to the data in cell range A1:D20 that will highlight numbers greater than 20,000 with a green fill color and dark red text. Which formatting style should he select?
a) Trace Dependents
b) Conditional Formatting
c) Trace Precedents
d) Define Name

Column D in a spreadsheet contains Product Prices. Which formatting would be most appropriate for the data in column D?
a) Percentage
b) Number
c) General
d) Currency

Column D in a spreadsheet contains employee ID Number. Which formatting would be most appropriate for the data in column D?
a) Text
b) Number
c) General
d) Currency

Which command do you use to increase the margin between the border and the text in an indented cell?
a) Decrease Indent
b) Increase Indent
c) Merge
d) Split

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