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Which of these are not a fact of the Cell Theory?
a) Cells are the basic structure of all living things.
b) Cells are only in abiotic factors.
c) Cells controls all living things growth and development.
d) Cells only can come from other living cells.

The two groups of cells are?
a) Large and Small
b) Hot and cold
c) Prokaryote and Eukaryote
d) Diffusion and Osmosis

The word organelles means __________________
a) Homeostasis
b) Plants and animals
c) Alive
d) Little organs

Identify the function that does NOT belong to the functions of the cell membrane.
a) Is where the energy for the cell is released.
b) Gives the cell its shape.
c) Controls what enters and leaves the cell - called selectively permable.
d) Holds the cell together.

Which organelle has two different types called rough and smooth?
a) Chromosomes
b) Nucleus
c) Endoplasmic Reticulum
d) Cell Wall

These two organelles are found ONLY in plants.
a) Chloroplasts and Ribosomes
b) Cell Wall and Chloroplast
c) Nucleolus and Cell Wall
d) Mitochondria and Chloroplast

What is the organelle that is known as the brain of the cell.
a) Cell Membrane
b) Mitochondria
c) Ribosomes
d) Nucleus

Chromosomes carry out heredity information known as _____________
a) ATP
b) Genes
c) Energy
d) DNA

Actie transport requires ____________?
a) Gas
b) Water
c) Energy
d) Lights

What is cell specialization?
a) Cells created to do a specific job.
b) Cells can only live in light.
c) Cells are all alike.
d) Cells do what we tell them to do.

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