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Jules and Katie concluded that light objects fall at a much slower rate of speed than heavy objects. Their teacher told them their conclusion was incorrect. What kind of error did the students make to produce the incorrect conclusion?
a) They had always believed that light objects fall slower than heavy objects.
b) They did not consider characteristics other than weight which can affect the speed at which objects fall.
c) They did not measure the time it took the objects to fall in fractions of a second.
d) They did not display their data in a line graph that compared the objects' weight and speed.

Which statement describes a difference between a bar magnet and an electromagnet?
a) A bar magnet has no magnetic field, while an electromagnet has a very strong magnetic field.
b) A bar magnet has a temporary magnetic field, while an electromagnet has a permanent magnetic field.
c) A bar magnet has a permanent magnetic field, while an electromagnet has a temporary magnetic field.
d) A bar magnet has a very strong magnetic field, while an electromagnet has no magnetic field.

Rock pools form along ocean coasts and periodically beome isolated from the ocean, causing the salinity and acidity of the water in the pool to increase. What organisms are most likely to survive extended isolation in a rock pool?
a) Organisms that can only tolerate fresh water with a neutral pH.
b) Organisms that can only tolerate fresh water with a slightly acidid pH.
c) Organisms that can tolerate very salty water with a slightly acidic pH.
d) Organisms that can tolerate slightly salty water with a very basic pH.

Why does Earth have a greater gravitational pull than the Moon?
a) The Moon orbits the Earth.
b) Earth ham ore mass than the Moon.
c) Earth has magnetic poles.
d) The Moon is farther from the Sun.

Several exploration vehicles have landed on Mars and have sent information back to scientists on Earth. Which characteristic changed after the vehicles landed on Mars?
a) The vehicles weighed much less on Mars.
b) The vehicles had much less mass on Mars.
c) The vehicles were much longer on Mars.
d) The vehicles were much warmer on Mars.

On the periodic table, chromium has the symbol Cr, an atomic number of 24, and a mass number of 52. How many protons does chromium have?
a) 76
b) 24
c) 28
d) 52

Which of the following would not be used to construct an electromagnet?
a) a directional compass
b) a size D battery
c) a steel nail
d) a coil of copper wire

In what state of matter are the molecules far apart and constantly moving at high speeds?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) compound

The planets in our solar system stay in their orbits because of the __________.
a) force of gravity on their masses
b) energy that makes up the Van Allen belts
c) force of magnetism on their iron cores
d) energy from the Sun that brings warmth

Earth's atmosphere is made up of several gases. Which gas makes up over 75% of Earth's atmosphere?
a) helium
b) hydrogen
c) nitrogen
d) carbon dioxide

Which of these represents a chemical change?
a) rocks cracking due to freeze and thaw
b) sugar dissolving in water
c) salt forming after mixing two liquids
d) water vapor rising in the air

Which sentence describes a way that Earth's biodiversity helps human health?
a) Many medicines are derived from plants and animals and more are being discovered as new species are found.
b) Many species participate in the water cycle and clean water as it moves through the ocean and atmosphere.
c) Many species transmit disease organisms and this helps humans develop resistance to many kinds of illness.
d) Many scientists study species in the wild and more species mean more discoveries for the scientists.

Carrie tests the stream behind her house each year to find out if the water quality has changed. This year, the water in the stream had a pH of 6.0 according to the pH meter. What describes the pH of the water in the stream?
a) slightly acidic
b) slightly basic
c) strongly acidic
d) strongly basic

Hernando ran an electric current through a beaker of distilled water and separated the water into the gases H2 and O2. What type of change did he produce?
a) chemical change
b) social change
c) periodic change
d) physical change

Which objects could be combined to make a device that woul produce electricity?
a) a graduated cylinder and a gram scale
b) a magnet and a coil of copper wire
c) a magnifying lens and a source of light
d) a block of ice and a dark metal box

Which animal species are most likely to survive in a marine environment that has very cold water temperatures?
a) animals that have colorful markings on their skin
b) animals that have a thick layer of fat beneath their skin
c) animals that use sound to navigate
d) animals that live together in social groups

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