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1. The scientific name for the European white water lily is Nymphaea alba. To which genus does this plant belong?
a) Nymphaea
b) alba
c) water lily
d) alba lily

What kind of organism thrives in hot springs and other extreme environments?
a) Bacteria
b) Archae bacteria
c) Fungi
d) Molds

Marty is studying two types of chimpanzees: Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus. Based on their names, Marty can conclude that they
a) are not similar.
b) have many common characteristics.
c) belong to different kingdoms.
d) have a few common characteristics, but they are not related.

What is the name of the tool that lets you determine the identity of items
a) Color Key
b) Dichotomous Key
c) Animal Key
d) Evolutionary key

The Scientific Name is always written in what language?
a) English
b) Russian
c) Italian
d) Latin

Who is known as the father of taxonomy or classification?
a) Francis Crick
b) Carolus Linnaeus
c) Charles Darwin
d) Aristotle

An organism that can produce its own food is called a ____________________.
a) heterotroph
b) multitroph
c) autotroph
d) vertebrate

An animal with a backbone is called a _______________.
a) Vertebrate
b) Invertebrate
c) omnivore
d) predator

Heterotrophs __________________________.
a) can make their own food
b) cannot make their own food
c) do not need food
d) all of the above

Organism without a backbone are called _________________
a) Vertebrates
b) Invertebrates
c) predators
d) omnivores

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