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What is the story with Hans's accordion?
a) Hans's father left it to him before he died
b) The man who saved his life left him the accordion
c) Max gave Hans the accordion for a favor later on
d) Hans always plays the accordion for Liesel

How did Hans survive World War I?
a) He did not go into battle
b) He hid behind the latrine
c) He went to the wrong country
d) His gun backfired accidentally

What was written on Mr. Kleinmann's door that Hans offered to repaint?
a) “Jewish Filth”
b) “Kill the Jew”
c) “Nazi Bait”
d) “Heil Hitler”

Who asked Hans to keep Max in his basement?
a) Max
b) Walter
c) Rosa
d) Liesel

What did Liesel first think of Max?
a) he was a faker, and playing Hans
b) a geeky shy guy
c) a comfort to the house
d) as a foreigner, a threat

What did Max do when he was younger to cover up his emotional pain?
a) river dance
b) fist fight
c) sing songs
d) play the accordion

What theme works best when German Walter says to Jewish Max, “You can't marry a Jew, but there's no law against fighting one”?
a) Friendship
b) Death
c) Love
d) Thievery

What theme works best when Max says, “'I won't leave. If we all can't go, I don't go either.' He was lying,”?
a) Death
b) Love
c) Abandonment
d) Thievery

Why was Max afraid of Liesel at first?
a) He thought she would blab about him
b) He was terrified of children
c) He thought that she was his sister
d) He was not afraid of Liesel

What book did Max carry with him that made him feel oddly safe?
a) The Shoulder Shrug
b) Mein Kampf
c) The Whistler
d) The Standover Man

What threat did Hans tell Liesel so she would not tell anyone about Max?
a) He would give her up for adoption and they'd never see each other
b) He'd burn her books and then Nazis would kill Hans
c) Hans told Liesel he would hit her with wooden spoons
d) He said that Max would hurt her if she told

Where does Max sleep in the Hubermann's household?
a) In the basement between drop sheets and paint cans
b) In the attic underneath cardboard boxes
c) In the Hubermann's bedroom
d) In Hans Junior's bedroom when he is away

What question did Liesel want to ask Max about his book, but was too afraid?
a) How did you learn?
b) Is it a good book?
c) Why are you reading that?
d) Can you teach me?

What was the book that Liesel could not stop reading in the mayor's library?
a) The Whistler
b) Mein Kampf
c) The Shoulder Shrug
d) The Mud Man

What was the opening scene in the book in Question 14 that caught Liesel's attention?
a) A kidnapping
b) A funeral
c) A murder
d) An adoption

How did Rosa and Hans plan on keeping Max alive in the cold weather?
a) He would come up at night and sleep by the fire, then go back down
b) They would start a fire in the basement for him to keep warm
c) Liesel would trade at night-- she'd sleep in the basement and he'd go upstairs
d) They did not fix anything and let him remain cold

What simile did Liesel use to describe Max's hair?
a) His hair is as bright as lemons
b) His hair was softer than doves
c) His hair is like feathers
d) His hair is like toothpicks

How does Hans try to get Liesel and Max to bond?
a) He makes them partners in a board game
b) He sends Liesel down to do the laundry
c) He makes Max read to Liesel
d) He tells Max that Liesel is a fighter too

How did Liesel and Max really start to get close?
a) They swapped nightmares
b) They play the accordion together
c) They beat up the Nazi Party
d) They read Mein Kampf together

20. Liesel starts to collect certain items to bring to Max so he is not bored, like...
a) Colored Pencils
b) Origami
c) Newspapers
d) Pennies

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