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Which is a fossil fuel?
a) trees
b) coal
c) soil
d) water

Which statement of the following statements about a fossil's depth is true?
a) Older fossils are found deeper in the ground.
b) Older fossils are found close to the surface.
c) Younger fossils are found deep in the ground.
d) Fossils from sea animals are found deep in the ground.

What is the best definition of a fossil?
a) A dinosaur
b) Something that lived long ago
c) The remains of something that lived long ago
d) A plant or animal

Which of these might contain actual animal remains?
a) a model
b) an imprint
c) a piece of amber
d) a cast

What three parts of animals often become fossils?
a) heart, lungs, and stomach
b) nails, bones, and hair
c) shells, bones, and teeth
d) teeth, gills, heart

You are walking on wet sand along the beach. You notice your footprints behind you. What have you made?
a) mold
b) imprints
c) rocks
d) casts

Why should people conserve fossil fuels?
a) They cannot be replaced.
b) Fossil fuels are easy to make.
c) There are no more buried plants.
d) There are no more swamps on Earth.

What is similar about a cast and a mold?
a) Their shape
b) their color
c) how much water they contain
d) how much mud they contain

What is the best way scientists can learn about the environments of the past?
a) by writing books
b) by studying fossils
c) from plants
d) from microorganisms

Why do scientists think that Georgia was once underwater?
a) The soil is still very wet.
b) Walking trout live in the Flint River.
c) Many fossils are of sea animals.
d) Ammonites had hard shells like snails.

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